USB 3.0 peripheral controller EZ-USB FX

viswesr writes: [via]

Cypress has a new USB 3.0 peripheral controller EZ-USB FX3 – CYUSB3014 with ARM926EJS core. It has an architecture which enables data transfers of 320 MBps from GPIF II (a 32bit Port) to USB 3.0 interface.This value includes protocol overheads. This is a promising device for Open Logic analyzers, DSOs and any data acquisition system based on USB 3.0 streaming interface. The associated promo video mentions about support of ARM GCC toolchain, ideal for Open Hardware project. With availability of PCIe USB 3.0 expansion cards costing just $22, we could easily use USB 3.0 devices.

The downside :

1) at present they are only sampling with FBGA footprint, might require 4 layer PCB :( . 2) Require costly USB VID 3)No price info is available

USB 3.0 peripheral controller EZ-USB FX – [Link]

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