Valentine’s Day RGB LED Mixer


Will Lyon writes:

I wanted to do something unique and special this year for my wife for Valentine’s Day. I was browsing the web and came across this Instructable and I knew I had to make one! I decided to make one, but put my own special twist on it. Read more…

I decided to make it do a color rainbow with some RGB LEDs rather than sit a single color for all eternity. In addition I wanted a speed control to adjust the speed of the rainbow cycle and also a manual mode where the user can manually change values for red, green and blue to get any color they so desire.

I pieced together some code I found (here – analog rainbow code) and edited it to my liking, adding the analog read for the manual values and also analog read for the speed in auto mode. You can download the finished code here (.ino – Arduino 1.0 or later – not compatible with the PDE system). It works very well.

Valentine’s Day RGB LED Mixer – [Link]


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