Visual Analyser for Windows

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Visual Analyser is a complete professional real time software, transform your PC in a complete set of measurement instruments; no new hardware necessary (you can use the Sound Card of your PC) or you can use a specific external hardware (see Hardware section for an example). Visual Analyser runs on Windows 9x,ME,2k,XP,NT,Server,Vista,7. VA 2011 version now available, no longer compatible with Windows 9x. The 2011 version runs on Linux by means of wine utility.

Detailed Features: 

  • Oscilloscope (dual channel, xy, time division, trigger);
  • Spectrum Analyzer with amplitude and phase display (linear, log, lines, bar, octaves band analysis 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, 1/12, 1/24);
  • Wave-form generator with “custom functions”, triangular, square, sinus, white noise and pulse generation (NO ALIASING);
  • Frequency meter (in time and frequency domain) and counter; in time domain by means of a real time zero crossing algorithm;
  • Volt meter with DC, true RMS, peak to peak and mean display;
  • Filtering (low pass, hi pass, band pass, band reject, notch, “diode”, DC removal);
  • Memo windows (data log) for analysis and storage of time series, spectrum and phase with “triggering” events; possibility to save in various formats and display them with a viewer;
  • A TRUE software digital analog conversion (for complete signal reconstruction using Nyquist theorem) ;
  • Frequency compensation: one can create/edit a custom frequency response and add it to the spectrum analyzer spectrum ; added standard weighting curves A,B,C in parallel with custom frequency response;
  • Support for 8/16/24 bit soundcard by means of API calls;
  • Unlimited frequency sampling (depend from the capabilities of your soundcard);
  • Cepstrum analysis;
  • Cross Correlation;
  • Extended THD measurements, with automatic sweep and compensation.
  • ZRLC-meter with Vector scope, automatic sweep in time and frequency for automatic measurement.

Visual Analyser for Windows – [Link]

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