With the new UNI-T multimeter you can handle even SMT transistors


New UNI-T multimeter UT132D can serve you, besides usual meauring also for measuring of parameter, which usual multimeters don´t handle – measuring of SMT transistors´ Hfe.

Measuring of DC current gain of transistors we nowadays can find at many measuring device. However, much more rare is the posibility to measure this parameter even at SMT transistors, NPN and PNP types in a SOT-23 package. UNI-T UT132D is a quality measuring device with a well readable, sufficiently big display with a maximum vaue of 1999. With it you can measure all usual values and a capacity of condensators. A novelty is the included adapter for measuring of hfe of transistors, not only for classic with wire leads but also for SMT transistors. It enables to check the functionality and to roughly measure SMT transistors, what can be a big help at development or production of prototypes. hfe is measured at a IB 10uA a Vce 2,3V. It has a HOLD function and a main switch, thus it is not necessary to turn a measuring ranges switch to switch off the device. UT132D is very reliably and comfortably held in a hand thanks to compact dimensions and an ergonomic shape.

With the new UNI-T multimeter you can handle even SMT transistors – [Link]

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