XESS XuLA-200 FPGA/uC board


XESS introduces their new XuLA-200 breakout board. The XuLA Board packs a 200,000-gate FPGA and a supervisory microcontroller into a 2″ x 1″ footprint (51 mm x 25 mm). XESS is committed to a completely open source design for this board which features a Xilinx XC3S200A Spartan 3A FPGA with 8 MByte SDRAM, 2 Mbit Flash, 3.3 & 1.2V regulators, a 12 MHz oscillator and 40-pin interface. Alongside the FPGA is a PIC 18F14K50 micro, USB 2.0 port and auxiliary JTAG port.

The board works with the XSTOOLs software, XILINX ISE and WebPACK, iMPACT and ChipScope (requires Xilinx JTAG cable).

Check out the XuLA-200 Manual. [via]

XESS XuLA-200 FPGA/uC board – [Link]

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