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  1. Materials • Ameba D [RTL8722 CSM/DM] x 1 • Adafruit LSM9DS1 accelerometer • LED x 2 Example Procedure Connect the accelerometer and LEDs to the RTL8722 board following the diagram. Download the Ameba customized version of TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers library at ambiot/ambd_arduino. Follow the instructions at Arduino - Libraries to install it. Ensure that the patch files found at ambiot/ambd_arduino are also installed. In the Arduino IDE library manager, install the Arduino_LSM9DS1 library. This example has been tested with version 1.1.0 of the LSM9DS1 library. Open the example, “Files” -> “Examples” -> “TensorFlowLite_Ameba” -> “magic_wand”. Upload the code and press the reset button on Ameba once the upload is finished. Holding the accelerometer steady, with the positive x-axis pointing to the right and the positive z-axis pointing upwards, move it following the shapes as shown, moving it in a smooth motion over 1 to 2 seconds, avoiding any sharp movements. If the movement is recognised by the Tensorflow Lite model, you should see the same shape output to the Arduino serial monitor. Different LEDs will light up corresponding to different recognized gestures. Note that the wing shape is easy to achieve, while the slope and ring shapes tend to be harder to get right. Find out more at: https://www.amebaiot.com/en/amebad-micropython-periodical-timer/ Join in the community discussions at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amebaioten https://forum.amebaiot.com/ Purchase links for the various Realtek development boards can be found at: https://www.amebaiot.com/en/where-to-buy-link/
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  2. uziao

    Rheostat power rating

    Hello friends. Very interesting topic you have here. You can model the electrodes underwater as an capacitor in parallel with a resistor (a leaky capacitor). Maybe this is why he used a bifilar coil... Bifilar coils are self resonant coils because of their capacitance. You can see this article here: https://sci-hub.st/https://doi.org/10.1002/cta.2830 The autor proposed a resonant tank circuit without the capacitor, using only the capacitance of the bifilar coil. If the electrodes underwater behave like a true capacitor, he wouldnt need 2 coils... Only one coil would do the job... Maybe the trick lies in the coils only...
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