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  1. Breadboards, arduinos, cables.. We all love and work with those but when they are connected together as the hardware of our projects, it can get messy. To help all of us at that point, we've created a solution, first we used it, then sent prototypes out for review and then its now live on Kickstarter waiting for you to reserve yours: ProBUDDY Kits. Here is how it works: The hardware is taken on to our Base Plates and get fixed with special magnetic holders called ProBUDDY's. Then its so easy to work on, carry, store, demonstrate your projects. You can retrieve the components easily for another project. You can store your projects on any vertical (yes!) surfaces and keep your desks clean. And there are more. Here I want to share the Kickstarter link, thank you all for your support; https://www.kickstarter.com/project...y-kits-build-carry-store-your-projects-easily Best Sunday Robotics Team
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  2. Are you ready for the SUPERBOWL?! We are! We present you the Reward 7, ProBUDDY Kits SuperBowl 2022 edition with limited time and pcs between February 11 2022 - February 15 2022. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sundayrobotics/probuddy-kits-build-carry-store-your-projects-easily
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  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a proximity alarm and having trouble finding info. I can find plenty of examples for projects for an alarm and transmitter where as soon as the transmitter is a certain distance away the alarm flashes. What I'm wanting is the opposite, as soon as the transmitter is within a certain distance the alarm flashes. I'm sure this is as simple but I'm completely new to electronics so have no idea if its as simple as reversing a few things etc??? I don't even know the correct name for this product?? Any help or direction on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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  4. Hiya, I now cant find the projects I found yesterday sorry... but the below link is a device similar to what I'm looking for, but I'm looking to make this work in reverse (hoping this may help). The distance I'm trying to achieve would be for the alarm to activate if transmitter was anything from 0-10 feet away. http://www.pimall.com/nais/rdiftagalert.html
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