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    0-30 volt stailized power supply

    If the transformer is rated at 24VAC/2A then it provides a maximum power of 24V x 2A= 48VA. But if the output is 30V at 2.0A then the load uses 30V x 2A= 60VA plus heating power. The peak of 24VAC is 40V which feeds the bridge rectifier which charges the main filter capacitor to the peak voltage minus the rectifier forward voltage. So then the transformer must produce 40V at 2.0A= 80VA which is much more than the overloaded 48VA. 80VA/24V= 3.33A, not 2A. For a regulated output of 30.0VDC at 3A then I recommended using a transformer rated at 28VAC/4.3A. For an output current of 3A then you must look at how much heat is produced by the single output transistor which is why I recommended using two output transistors to share the heat. Edited with strike-throughs.
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    Safe Power for electronics

    I’m in the process of a move to an area which I’ve been told has regular power fluctuations and a few power cuts as well. I have been researching how to provide clean and safe power to my electronic components which would include a Denon receiver, 2 Power amps, a Blu-ray player, Projector, gaming console etc. I am contemplating the below options: Option A: Mains to a Voltage Stabilizer to Power Condtioner(Furman) to the electronic components Option B: Mains to an Online UPS(APC) to a Power Condtioner(Furman) to the electronic components Would one of these work? Or is there a better solution to consider?
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    BMS Charger for 18650

    Need info for scheme bms 12v I -[===]+ -[===]+ -[===]+ l I -[===]+ -[===]+ -[===]+ l I -[===]+ -[===]+ -[===]+ l I. I I. I I. I 12v - 12v +
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    BMS Charger for 18650

    This is the basic connection of BMS charger circuit. Do you need the scheme for the charger it self maybe?
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    Power supply circuit ideas

    If you do not need SMD perhaps "The LT138A/LT338A (LM138/LM338) series of adjustable regulators provide 5A output current over an output voltage range of 1.2V to 32V." The LM338 is about 1$ each on ebay.
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    Power supply

    A power supply is an electronic device which supplies electric energy to an electrical load. Can anyone tell me what is the minimum power required 1 ton AC.
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