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  1. Today we are announcing our collaboration with SnapEDA.com, the first and leading electronics design search engine of the web, that each year, over a million hardware designers around the world use it to design electronics faster, making everything from smartwatches, to drones, and robots. They provide ready-to-use building blocks for design, including symbols & PCB footprints, their library shaves days off product development, allowing designers to focus on optimization and innovation.

    With a common purpose of making engineers’ lives easier, SnapEDA and Electronics-Lab have teamed up to provide their engineering community with SnapEDA’s seamless CAD search experience on Electronics-Lab.com. This new integration will allow engineers to search, discover and download millions of CAD models (symbols, footprints, and 3D models) directly from Electronics-lab.com. Engineers will also be able to find other resources like datasheets, technical specifications, and purchase options.

    Here are some of the key features that Electronics-Lab users will experience with the new SnapEDA integration:

    • Search millions of electronic component models by manufacturer, orderable part number, specs, and packaging.
    • Download the symbols and footprints in over 15 PCB design formats including Altium, KiCad, Autodesk EAGLE & Fusion360, Cadence Allegro, OrCAD, Pulsonix, DipTrace, Proteus, & more.
    • Find component datasheets.
    • Check prices, stock availability, and purchase components directly from major distributors’ sites including Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, Online components, RS Components, among others.
    • Request CAD models if they’re not yet available in SnapEDA’s parts library with our InstaPart service.

    This new collaboration will help engineers find the components they need, by searching either by part number, manufacturer, or general keywords like ‘20 pin SMD connector’

    How to Search and Download SnapEDA CAD Models from Electronics-Lab.com

    1. Go to https://www.electronics-lab.com/snapeda-cad-models/?/#/
    2. Search for any keyword like ‘Ultrasonic MEMS


  2. Seems like you are on low resolution screen and that the page is loaded in tablet mode. So that's why you see the menu like that, and possible font alteration. The white space is not empty is the advertising space that you ad blocker prevents from showing, so we can't do much about that. I will try to make the fonts a tone darker to see if this has any effect.


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