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  1. I made both Audioguru and Hero99 moderators to see if the issue is still there. Please report
  2. admin


    Topic moved to General category
  3. I was asking to test another browser because the issue seems to be on your end. I managed to upload a file above with no errors. I am just curious what causing the error on your end.
  4. I don't ask you to change your browsing habits, just asking to test another browser to find out the cause of issue, means to help me find the cause. As for the "Saving" it should be an instantaneous server lag.
  5. Can you try with a different browser and report back. Otherwise i will have to make a test account and check it. Also be sure to have scripts and cookies enabled on your browser and try to disable your antivirus just for testing.
  6. Attachments are allowed here as always. You can click on "Choose Files" to attach a file. Also there is no preview in this forum, you can later edit the post if there is something wrong.
  7. Attachments are located as you can see on the image below. As for the quote button is strange. I will setup a test account and check for it.
  8. We are sorry we couldn't convert all the posts and topics. For that reason i have setup the old forum here: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum_old/ so you can retrieve any posts you like from there.
  9. I hope also more people to participate. You can see the quote button on attachment.
  10. The forum was dead before the upgrade. I hope with the upgrade will motivate more users to participate. Only some posts are missed during the upgrade not half of the forum. The emotions and quote buttons are there
  11. The old forum can be located here: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum_old/ . Please keep in mind that this is for reference only and will be deleted after some time. New registrations are disabled.
  12. New forum software is way better and safer than the old one. It's an upgrade in my point of view. I will setup the old forum just for reference and let you know.
  13. Unfortunately, the forum conversion was not exact. Some posts, members and attachments where not converted properly and we couldn't do something to improve this. However, i can setup the old forum and you can copy some posts from there if you like. Just tell me.
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