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  1. I have always used Microsoft Internet Explorer with no problems until this website got new software. I think Admin should download Internet Explorer to see what causes the problem, not me trying another browser (which one, Firefox, Chrome or another?)..

    I was asking to test another browser because the issue seems to be on your end. I managed to upload a file above with no errors. I am just curious what causing the error on your end.

  2. Sorry, I will not use a different browser and I will not change anything because every other website forum works perfectly except this one with its new software.

    Another problem is when I finish typing and push "Submit Reply" it says "Saving..." forever and I think it did not work. It should submit immediately and go back to the thread.

    I don't ask you to change your browsing habits, just asking to test another browser to find out the cause of issue, means to help me find the cause. As for the "Saving" it should be an instantaneous server lag.

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