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    admin got a reaction from Dibagay in 0-30V 0-3A Latest Data   
    I am attaching a Troubleshooting FAQ’s I found for this power supply. It summarizes the 150 pages of an old thread into a single document. Hope this helps get some questions answered.
    0-30V 0-3A Bench Power Supply Unit Troubleshooting FAQ’s.pdf
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    admin got a reaction from frisil in 0-30volt laboratory power supply part list   
    You will have to open the Eagle schematic with the software and then you will see that the values are linked to the reference number of the parts. This way it will be easy to identify.
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    admin got a reaction from gztoppower in BMS Charger for 18650   
    This is the basic connection of BMS charger circuit. Do you need the scheme for the charger it self maybe?

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    admin got a reaction from davidjackson in DIY - ARDUINO BASED CAR PARKING ASSISTANT   
    Thanks for sharing this project. I just edited it a bit, so code would look better.
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    admin got a reaction from navidmomeni in A modern day 0 - 30V, 0 - 3A Linear Power Supply?   
    You may check this blog for a revised version of the popular 0-30V PSU: http://www.paulvdiyblogs.net/2015/05/tuning-030v-dc-with-03a-psu-diy-kit.html
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    admin got a reaction from joeydennis11 in LM3914 pspice library   
    Here are two SPICE models found online that will simulate the main IC functions including:- a) bar/dot mode selection, dot mode carry for cascaded ICs, c) resistor-programmed hi/lo reference voltages, d) output current selection, e) non-grounded V- and divider ladder, f) independent V+ and Vled, g) leakage current of outputs, h) segment overlap and i) supply current variation with V+ and Vref output load.
    This model is build by user "alec_t" at electro-tech-online.com forum.
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    admin got a reaction from sam g fire in Need help with a project   
    How many digital IO lines do you have on your microcontroller? and how many LEDs do you want to drive?
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    admin got a reaction from Jen27 in SOFT ROBOTIC FISH   
    Maybe you can consider casting soft plastic or silicon, i think this would be ideal.
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    admin got a reaction from Jen27 in SOFT ROBOTIC FISH   
    You need to be more specific about your project, so we can help.
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    admin reacted to bilalmalikuet in What's happened to all the posts since 24 February?   
    yes its looks more better
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