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  1. Hello, i´m from Brazil. When measuring from 0-20V, this circuit displays 2 decimals. Regards
  2. It is written in the article that you must set your printing software to resize the layout to 35% of the original size, or use the dimensions in milimeters that are under the picture on the article. It works perfectly. Regards
  3. Hello! Thanks for you reply. I read Billy´s corrections, but I still do not know if its a TrimPot or a Trimmer, and I don´t know where the C6 and C7 goes. It would be nice to make the corrections on the main site of the project, because I linked that site to many friends that looked for this circuit. I´m getting this program you said, but where can I found the schematic? Thanks again and contratulations for the great site! Regards.
  4. By the way, there are some differences between the scheme and the PCB photo-layout Is P1 a TrimPot, like the scheme says, or a Trimmer, as the photo and article describes? Is the ICL34 pin correct in the scheme? Going out to the Display? Where are the C6 and C7 on the scheme? They are not there, just in the PCB layout you can find and try to discover... Finally, if someone corrected the scheme, I would apreciate to see it. p.s.: I tryed to assembly it on the ProtoBoard (breadboard?). Thanks very much, Regards. Gustavo Kowalski
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