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  1. hello tercio, i really wonder, your supply is 9v and the signal goes below zero, how to use op-amp in amplification, you need volatge divicer in series with your input to shift the negative voltage over the x-axis and make it postive, will this suite you project, to have a whole postive signal. explain plz FATOOTA
  2. lukas, you must be sure of your input voltage, your connections should be correct from the first time, i mean if you reversed 2 and 3 and then discoverd your mistake, the ic may be burnt out and you will use it defected in the next time. note that the input max voltage is -7 and input min voltage is -25 try again ;)
  3. ante, thanks very much for your help, i will not forget this for you but the last one is not available with me now so i will send again when i get it. FATOOTA
  4. hello if you can help me find these datasheets i will be very happy and thankful for this great community, i will write what i found on the ic which i do not know its kind at all GS 9428 GD 74LS174 the second is GS 9342 GD 74LS244 the third is GS GL 7805 N50 and the last is s130 N73 CR6 and thanks for you FATOOTA ;D
  5. i will tell you the story i was asked to exchange the seven segment display of the building lift with a dot matrix display, i bought a similar circuit that is sold in shops, it contains a microcontroler with this number Z8663016psc i want to make this circuit at my workshop with mass production so plz help me to go ahead and note that my information in that field is limited, and i want to know which programming device is suitable and if it is possible to read out the code from the the similar circuit which i bought and reuse it??? and thanks very much FATOOTA
  6. hello everybody i have a seven segment display and i want to replace it with point matrix which has more capabilities than the ordinary seven segment, i know that it needs some programmed ic's i think it needs microcontroller, and i know it is a big project that need some devices connected to computer to make the programming, and i want anybody to help me in the following: 1-give me any links or files related to such a project 2-give me any advices and how to start and what is the essential knowladge i should have. and i will be very thankful for any help from you FATOOTA
  7. hi i want somebody to explain silk screen and if there is any ability to build pcb's using silk screen in home plz help me ???
  8. hi could anyone explain to me what is microswitch?? FATOOTA
  9. hello everybody i was sitting on my bed when i thougt about a connect four, the game all of us know and play i thuoght we can convert it into an electronic circuit with a few leds and buttons and some flipflops couters ...etc i think i will be perfect with some sound effects the proplem i did not design such projects before and my knowlage in gates and flipflops and counters is limited so i need help, i want if you can give me some sources that help me and how can i start and if the circuit is already designed, i should not annoy myself with designing it again fatoota
  10. hullo, everybody i seek for help, i want to save money and make a car alarm for my car, if you can link me to such a project i will be thankful. fatoota
  11. with the name of allah i just have an idea that may be useful an it is as follows 1-advertise for a questionair about four to five subjects to be disscused 2-take the subject that gother the most votes 3-advertise for the time and how to connect to online chat and disscus that subject with a some defined rules that organize the disscution. if you are not sure if it will works good or will fail make a questionair in the front page or any other page and ask vistors. thanks for you
  12. with the name of allah i sent an e-mail to sanyo asking them for the datasheet they replayed that they discountinued it and can not provide any more information about it. thanks mp and i am thankful for your efforts to us and your helpful advices this is really a a nice community.
  13. with the name of allah i found this link that may be useful http://www.ee.washington.edu/conselec/CE/sp95reports/guterman/final/scope1.htm#hard :)sherief-egypt
  14. hi i just have an idea about what you said of +5 volt as a maximam i/p. i think you can not give the pc souncard very high voltage or it will burn, so you have to use attenuators, not neccessarily a voltage divider and you may enter the attenuation level as a data to your software. that is all and i thank you that you started this interesting subject and money saver.
  15. hello ::)i searched everywhere for la4440 datasheet but i found only the test circuit for it, please if you can supply me with the full datasheet i will be very thankful, i want to use it as a 2 channel car amp. if you have any advice for me please tell it to me. thanks for all ;D
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