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  1. I tried to build the L.D.D.V. yesterday, using a breadboard and
    I came up with peculiar readings on the LEDs. ??? I had followed the
    schematic from smartkit.

    I thought that I had a false ICL7107 and I dismounted the
    components. :-[

    Today I thought to check the data sheets of ICL7107 and MAN6960 in order to cross-check the connections. Found [glow=red,2,300]inconsistencies[/glow] in the
    article schematic ! >:(

    For example for the 1's display :

    Article : ICL(6) -> MAN(10)
    Should be : ICL(6) -> MAN(9)

    another example :

    Article : ICL(34)
    Should be ICL(25) -> MAN(1) and so on... there are many there.

    Moreover, the R1 should be 100K, not 180K, I refer to the datasheet
    and the "Digital Voltmeter" project

    Finally, the LCD dot, is pin number 5, emitted in the schematic.

    I am about to search all the errors now and report back later,
    after I will rebuild the voltmeter.

    I attach the data sheets for further reference. 8)

    Hi Billy,

    After comparing the schematic with ICL7107 datasheet, I also realized those problems which are already mentioned by you.

    If you have rectified those errors, and have drawn proper schematic, please put it on or mail it to me. I want to use it in my lab PSU.


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