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  1. HI Friends, As a follow up on my previous post, I also wanted to get the following queries on processing answered - 1. The final step in my process is metallization, but the problem is that there is a step in the oxide. How can I smoothen this step ? Also, what is the maximum height of the step that will still enable me to metallize ? 2. In the final step , I also want to fill the via's with metal to contact the underlying n+ region. What is the ideal aspect ratio for this ? Is there any standard reference online or in print that can help answer such queries on fabrication? Thanks
  2. Hi folks, Which is the best place to know more about the processing details in a foundry CMOS process ? ( like dielectric stack thickness and material etc..)
  3. Hi folks, I need to know a CMOS Grayscale circuit to drive an LED. Also, can someone please explain the basic idea of how a grayscale driver works ? thanks
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