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  1. Hi everyone, Just found a website with selected articles scans from such electronic mags as Radio-Electronics, Electronics Now, etc. http://www.northcountryradio.com/Articles/publist1.htm happy downloading, javaman
  2. Hi everyone, Just finished an EN June 1993 mag scan at 100dpi with schematics at 200dpi, most mags are 8 inches wide so that makes 8x100 or 800 pixels wide just about great for 800x600 viewing. Sure is great to be able to access all my woodworking and electronics mags on CD.
  3. Hi everyone, If you use your search engine and the following keywords, you will find two websites with scans of PE and RE available for download.
  4. Hi everyone, Those who want scanned covers for various electronic mags can find them on website with name of SARC Photo Gallery, use your search engine and keywords as above. 640x480 to 1600x1600 resolution scans are available for such mags as ElectronicsAustralia, SiliconChip, Radio-Electronics, etc. It looks like you can add your pictures to this website from the words of instruction along the right side of the web page. javaman
  5. Hi Dazza, Would like to trade mag scans with you. I am starting to scan my EN Jun1993 issue right now at 100dpi JPG format. Any ElectronicsAustralia mags would be acceptable to me. Let me know if you want to trade or what are your ideas? Silicon Chip is mag I too am looking for, sorry. Javaman
  6. Hi, GOKAR and others Nice website and forum, first time here. I have scanned electronics mags available: PE, RE, EN, ME, CC from various years. I am serious about my collection, but will trade images 1 on 1, something you want for something I want. 100dpi or better scans. Looking for above mags plus others, like Poptronics, Nuts & Volts, Elektor, SiliconChip, ElectronicsAustralia, etc javaman
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