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  1. Dear Alun, Greetings! Thankyou very much for taking time to investigate about the balun subject. I do have searched a lot in the net about it and, to say the truth, it seems to me that no one has the answer... at least not the way I'm trying to find it...
  2. Dear Alun (Electronics god) Didn't all my words suffice for you? Really? Ed Goulart
  3. Hi! I'm preparing myself to go QRPp and now I'm doing my best to design and construct a balun to delete the so called I3 current that flows on the outside of the coaxial ground mesh. I've tried many, many internet sites, and I do have learned a lot about coils, inductance and baluns but no one has already given me a hint about the calculation, or, answered my question: HOW MANY TURNS OF WIRE I have to wind in an air core 40mm in diam. to delete the spurious current and still NOT AFFECT THE WANTED RADIO SIGNAL? What I have in mind is 1 coil "A" at the end of the coaxial, 1 coil "B" at the end of the coaxial mesh, and, 1 coil "C" linking after the "A" with before the "B" coil.
  4. Thanks a lot, DR OM Bjorn/SM2GXN I'm going there right now, to download it...! :) 73 FM PY2TKS/pp2, Ed Goulart
  5. Hi, everybody! I'm a newly retired guy who is devouting himself to study electronics, specially subjects related to radioamator. Can anyone advise me on... What is the best choice on a FREE software that makes a circuit, tests and runs it? I've tried a lot of them (that says to be free, but are not - or are seriously cripled...) Thanking beforehand, PY2TKS/pp2, Ed Goulart
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