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  1. thanks for info, you proberly dont know south africa very well
    considering the cost to get the monitor to the agent ,repair and transport back is about 100 buchs short of a new one. the only thing on a new one is a get a gaurentee
    figure ill buy a new one
    Thanks again

  2. I need help(the hex file that prom chip 24c04 uses), mine seems to have gone .
    aopen  monitor 17 inch .other chips work  as i have tested it . but when i try to copy it it seems to destroy the chip i am copying from as well. dont get any help from local suppliers, they just want to sell new ones. the chips from several different monitors seem to work as long as they are 24c04 (stmicro) I need a new hex file or uncompiled program to upload to new chips. It controllers the linear ,size etc from the front buttons on the screen
    Thanks Taz

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