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  1. hi to all I would like to ask if the tuner of television is the same with the tuner of a VCR? i need a proof that this two device has the same tuner...I wolud also like to ask if this is true can you give me a document that the tuner of TV and VCR are almost the same... The purpose is for our design project. We need to know the similarities between them.. thanks and i'll wait for your replyyy...
  2. hi the time diagram or chart is part of the problem that needs to be established and i have here the problem, heres the problem LAUNDRY INSTALLATION Drilled aluminum parts are to be washed i a laundry installation. In addition, the parts are to be placed i a lattice hamper. After the starts switch is activated, the piston od a double acting cylinder is to move the lattice hamper, which is filled with work materials, upwards and downwards in the laundering bath. The number of upward and downward is to be set by setting a time element. It automatically stops after the time has expired. Additional condition: The start procedure for the automatic operation can occur only when the lattice hamper is at the extreme upper part. Another switch is used to trigger one time work-cycle(the lattice hamper dips into the dipping bath only once..... PROBLEM: 1.Design the current path diagram 2. Draw the ladder diagram 3. Construct the time chart please help me solve this PLC problem......... i'll wait for your reply thanks...
  3. hi to all, i would like to ask help from anybody here in the forum regarding our project in programmable logic controller... we need to establish a ladder diagram and a time chart of Laundry installation.... anybody here who knows this topic.... please help me solve this problem...thanks and i'll wait for your reply.....In my next post i will post the problem description... mark
  4. hi sir, we need informations about BTS for our paper design and for some research papers. we would like to know its system, applications, the equipments and parameters in designing BTS system... thanks!!!
  5. Hi to all, Can you give us some information regarding BTS or base transceiver station.... thanks
  6. hi What are the standards to be considered in the design of antenna for television... plsssssssssssss help me
  7. hi sir! Thanks for your reply, can i get your email address so that i could send to you a copy of our system block diagram? and if you dont mind please help us correct our system diagram.. Together with the diagram we will have a brief discussion regarding this... Also, i would like to ask if the Tuner circuit of TV will be advisable to use so that the channel can be display on the LCD.... What we are going to do is to top some wire to the output of the tuner of TV and that output will be connected to the frequency to voltage converter and obviously the output is voltage then connected again to A/D converter so that the microcontroller can interpret the selected channel. is it correct? here's what i want to say........ tuner circuit of TV ===> freq to voltage converter ===> A/D converter ==> microcontroller since the tuner circuit selects the desired station and reject the unselected station.. we decided to get its output so that the microcontroller can determined the selected station.
  8. hi, You mean it is unnecessary to place a frequency to voltage converter? The microcontroller will serve as a driver for "automatic positioning of antenna"... Our project is all about signal sensing antenna which automatically rotates and select for proper angle to where the signal is strength. Then after positioning the antenna, the channel frequency, channel number, and power output of each TV stattion will be displayed on the LCD. Another part of the design which makes it difficult to us is the communication between the microcontroller and TV... the microcontroller must determined the the selected channel so that it can display it to the LCD.we would like to ask to your opinion about this subject...
  9. Hi we would like to ask if it is right to use frequency to voltage converter to be connected to the AGC circuit of TV and the output of that converter will be connected to A/D converter before interfacing to microcontroller? the purpose of frequency to voltage converter is to convert the frequency coming from the AGC circuit of the TV to voltage signal. thanks we are hoping for your response
  10. hi!!! we are ECE students from Cavite State University, Philippines and we are conducting a desing project about directive microcontroller-based antenna.We are confused of what circuit will be used to interface the microcontroller from the TV so that there will be a communication between them. We are asking for your help regarding this topic, any additional information is highly acceptable... thanks
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