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  1. Hahahaha, right... After some changes of the search pattern in google, I found that information.... cute idea... let's wait for UV Leds improvements in the future.... ;D BTW, what kind of UV lamp is best fitted for EPROM erasing: The transparent ones (germicide), the black ones(used in PC Mods), or the white fluorescent-like ones? Thanks! :)
  2. I read as much information as I found on the internet about UV rays.... and found interesting the possibility to use UV leds replacing those big lamps to build an EPROM eraser ... A "Pocket EPROM eraser"... But as I'm not an specialist, I'm posting this topic to ask: Is it really possible to use these UV leds to build an eprom eraser? 1.) Small size 2.) Exposure timer (555?) 2.) If there's a TTL replacement for 555, would a CR2032 battery do the job? Anyway, a rechargeable battery could be used, in this case, a 5v battery would be used, allowing the use of a 555 IC. There's a need to study the focus too... the led should light the whole EPROM window. Write down any other ideas for the project. This page http://www.bivar.com/default.asp?p=products&c=UV%20LEDs&sub=T1%203/4%205mm%20UV%20LEDs has some UV Led specs(not a datasheet)... and this is a datasheet (any better UV Led datasheet link?) http://www.marktechopto.com/PDFs/Cotco/LC503MUV130P_040708.pdf That's all for now :) Mauricio
  3. Audioguru, give us some hints about this, please :) : Hi all, I'm new to the EL forums, but not new to the website, nice stuff here :D As Tom said, I'd be interested on building a bipolar PSU unit with the capabilities of this project. I still have to read all the threads, I have read something about fixing the original design among the posts(so many!)... Right now, I have a 3-wire trafo, 28+28 (really 28+0+28) over my table... but it's just 1A... I was wondering: If I found a 28+0+28 (or with a little higher voltage), what current should it be: 3A or 6A? What changes should it have to operate bipolarity? You know, many experiments requires bipolar feeds... I would be interested in adding parallel LM7(8/9)0(5/6/9/12/whatever)s or LM3(1/3)7s for extra fixed voltages... I still have much left to learn indeed... but for now, my knowledge allows me to provide good shcematics/pcb design, maybe we could open another topic: "[glow=red,2,300]30-0-30 VDC BIPOLAR STABILIZED PSU[/glow]" ??? Then we could adapt the changes of the 5A topic to the bipolar one to become a bipolar 5A PSU ??? All that is left for my improvement idea is a button to make it speak the current and voltage instead of displaying with the digital meter presented ;D (Just joking!) Thanks, Mauricio
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