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  1. Tried their site, not a chance of getting a datasheet for that particular chip, just an older one with a different package, i think the only way to find the pinout would be to probe the voltages on all 12 pins in a working VCR with the same motor & chip...
  2. Does anyone know how to wire up a capstan motor from a VCR? The chip number is: LB11883N, & seems to drive the drum head motor as well, but I cannot find a datasheet for this chip... The motor has 12 pins, but the chip must be an on board driver... ???
  3. I have also been attempting to use hard disk motors for some time, have found the driver chip on the old board, got the datasheet for the chip & they are not easy to wire up - the driver IC seems to use some kind of serial interface to the main drive controller, But the motors themselves are virtually the same as the motor in a DC brushless fan, might even be able to use a driver chip from one of those... The possibilities are endless...
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