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  1. Thank You Hotwaterwizard gogo
  2. Hello Staigen Your right about the BF494< I checked mouser and they have it for 20 cents. I check the data sheets on th 2SB1382 wow what a difference between it and the 2SK1382. The transistor Has SK under lined on top of the part number, So I am guessing that it was made by Sanken. Thank You gogo
  3. No the 2sk1382 won't work. sorry but I will do some research tonight and see what I can come up with. gogo
  4. Thanks audioguru I didn't find it at data sheetarchive, but I did a search string on 2sk1382 and found the data sheet at http://katalog.elektroda.net/indx450-2SK.html nice I got it. With your help Thank You gogo e001347.pdf
  5. I gave it a shot. Darn no luck, Its just a transistor I got out of a old printer, its in good shape but no info yet. Hmmmmmmmmmmm gogo
  6. Thanks audioguru I will give a try. Right now I am in hot persuit of info on a power transister SK B1382. Just because I have one and I want to see what it can do. I hope that makes sense. Thanks gogo
  7. Hello 555 ic's have been around for a long time the 555 ic only cost about 30 to 50 cents , depends on were you buy it. Cheep but it dosen't have brains. A mcu dose, I don't think you want to go with that, Willian is right about using a Pic mcu for what you wnat a 14 pin pic could very eaisly controll the sensors for around a $1.25 a chip. Pluss it would let you have input to the process which would give you a lot of options to add to your project. gogo
  8. Hello I'm am new to electronics, I read a lot off the web and have a little understanding. Lately I have been disasmebleing old printers for the stepper moters and stuff. Now I have a solder sucker one of those spring loaded ones, it works. But today I went to the big town were there is a Radio Shack so while after doing what I had to do in this town I stoped in at radio shack just to look around. Some basic componients lot of cell phones and a desolering Iron. What a Idea ya I'm new. Never seen one of those in the web sites I view. And only 10.99 pluss tax. I bought it and it works. Works good, been playing around with it all day and night Man this the kind of tools electronc guys should talk about to beginners. Talk about a time saver and part saver wow best 11 bucks I ever spent. Have fun gogo
  9. Hello Mettula I am new to electronics too and understanding the difference in transistors is a project all in its own. I found the data sheet for the BF494 and will post it. And try to come up with something for. Boy wish I could find data sheets for my collection or transistors. good luck gogo 42501001.pdf
  10. Hello Kosoniscs 35amps wow, your talking 10 or 8 gage wire. A pcb couldln't handle that kind of current so you would have to build it in modules using isolators. I'm thinking three modules. One for the low curent comos controllers, second for chopping the curent, and third for relays to handle the current. The third one would be the hardiest because you would have to find fast switching relays that you could hard wire togeather. I'm guessing that if you hang in on this site the real smart electronic guys will come up with something. Good luck gogo
  11. Hello robotgangsta And welcome. Yes you have to solder the componients to the PCB. It takes a soldering iron and some solder to make it all stick togeather. If you go to the articles section on this form you will find some good tutorials on making PCB's and soldering. Have fun gogo
  12. I have a Transistor I pulled out to a power supply. Only markings on are SK B1382 Its a to 39 package. any help Thanks gogo
  13. Hello I have been reading data sheets and could use some help. I wan to build the power supply on the LM350 data sheet. The problem is in one of the power transisters MJ4502, I don't have one and I would rather use something I have instead. What I have is heaver the the MJ4592. I was thinking of useing a 2N5416, the voltate and current rateings or higher but the hfe is not the same. The MJ4502 hfe is 25 - 100, the 2N5416 hfe is 30 - 120. So I guess my question is will that still work?
  14. Hello logan there is afew hints on there web site, I figured it out in about two hours. How you doing with eagel? I found the rest of the parts with your help kasamike and GreekPic thanks have fun gogo
  15. Cool thanks. Did you dl the librarys and if you did where did you install them. Also the dc input jack I can't even find that in egale so I dl'd of the site. gogo
  16. Thanks for the replies. I have been pulling out mostly unipolar steppers from 5volts to 30 volts. Some 1.5deg, 7.5deg steps. The power supply I have my eye on is multivoltage +5, +12, and +40. Not sure how to use it yet but its nice, pulled out the 2amp transformer had a power switch , filter and fuse conected to it. And had all the wireing with conectors going to the power supply. If nothing eles the power supply dose have some real nice heat sinks on it. It came out of an old odatika printer. I'm not sure how to mesure the current on it yet, everything I have done so far has been with low voltage. I have the second book Microcontrol'nApps by Square 1, The reason I didn't get the first one is because all it seem to cover was the p16f84 and at the time I was using p16f628a's. thanks gogo
  17. I have a project in mind. I would like to make a tester for stepper motors that I could but on my bench, Something that looks pro. The mcu would be a Pic 16f628a or 48a. Need to have to Voltage output. One +5 volt for the Pic and Logic. Other 12 - 30 Volt for Motors ( would like varabile voltage and amperage). Need buttons. 1. for stop 2. for forword 3. for reverse 4. High speed 5. low speed Need power switch and led indicator. Need termials for output 4 for motor coils 2 for commons. And Need 2 for inputs for stop switches. Would like Volt and Amp meter for varible voltage and amperage. Also would like a 5 volt test ciruit for coil testing (orentation). I have programed pic's to run stepper motors thats not a problem and most of the stuff I want to add on my board is in the projects list. I just have to figure out how to put it all togeather. I ran across a pile of old printers, The dot matrix kind and have been disassambleing them. What a wellth of parts, motors, gear, rail, guides, switches. power supplies, transformers,and a bunch of metal thingamajigs. This stuff should keep me busy for quiet awhile. Just have to figure out where to start. Any input is welcomed thanks gogo
  18. Hi mohdfasieh What kind of mic do you plan on using? gogo
  19. Nice Job GreekPic What package did you use for the push buttons. I couldn't get mine to work. I think I loaded the librarys in the wrong directory. Thanks gogo
  20. Not bad I dl it and got it running in less then 2 hours. This is what i got out. It dosn't do push buttons yet. have gogo
  21. Check this out. http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl;jsessionid=ac112b2a1f43e8b2ec232a414b538f01c1dbb33 18734.e3eSbNyQc3mLe3iKax0KbxqSe6fznA5Pp7ftolbGmkTy?category=2&it=A&id=499 have fun gogo
  22. Ha I had it attached I really did but then a warnning come up and I don't know what happened. Here it is again. gogo D14863EJ3V0DS00.pdf
  23. I got the data sheet. Thats a good thing because there were 17 of them buggers in it and it looks like I got a use for em. I attach the data sheet in case anyone eles needs it thanks gogo
  24. Thank You Audio I didn't see the 2S cool thanks gogo
  25. Hello I took apart an old Nec printer, good a lot of good parts but I ran across some power Transistors Nec D560. I can't find anything on em. I could use some help. Thanks gogo
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