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  1. Doing a good search would be the best way but to someone new asking question first seems like a easier way to keep there interests going. How to ask the right question or do a good search takes time to learn too. I guess what ever it takes. gogo
  2. Nice wizard I check the places I buy from and they didn't even come close. I don't know why I don't use mouser maybe its there catalog to much info but ya they have just about everthing. gogo
  3. I use Eagle They have a free demo that will let you draw a schematic and then convert it to a pcb but you have to place the parts on the board befor you use auto router. i didn't like it at first until I got used to. Works good and its free, you can even print with it. plus other things you might need to do. gogo
  4. Check this out http://www.web-tronics.com/bagolred5mm1.html 100 leds for $1.50 thats $15 a thousand. gogo
  5. Hi logan You mean something like this http://www.web-tronics.com/esdsacpucore.html I don't have one of these yet. But it would be nice to have. You don't want the cold soldering Tool I got, I broke one tip trying to make it work and the other on is the big one. It take 4 aa battires to get it to work and you might get 5 good solder joints out of it befor you have change batteries. gogo
  6. I have one and ya it looks pretty. I don't use it because it sucks up battires fast. and you really got to fanagel around with it to get it to solder. Its like a test to see if its going to work this time or not. Like I said I got one, its on my bench or shelf someware and it sure looks pretty. Good thing I got a weller too ;D have fun gogo
  7. Ok I don't understand the language but from the schem I think if you had two voltage regulators even if they had the same voltage out put one would go to the led readout and the the other would go to the sensor, should work. The Positive rails would need to have small diodes to prevent feed back. gogo
  8. Hi I have been following this read and its interesting but the thing I don't understand is what is the best way to go about makeing the power supply? There has been a lot of post but still it seems like the whole project is still unsetedly. Mixo gave up on it for good reasons I think but its still going on. Audioguru and Mp, please make it work and then talk about or go with mixo. Thank you gogo
  9. How cheap and how many. also do you have a data sheet? gogo
  10. Check this out http://www.martindalecenter.com/Calculators.html Have fun gogo
  11. Hello $@$ Do you know how to program a microcontroller? I think there are a couple of web sites you should look at, These will give you a good start. http://tutor.al-williams.com/pic-intro.html http://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial.htm and http://www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/product/books/PICbook/picbook.htm That last one also has a good online electronics begginers book. have fun gogo
  12. Check this out http://www.mpja.com/category/LEDs/LEDs.asp have fun gogo
  13. Hi Ante found this on a search last week http://www.imagesco.com/articles/picstepper/01.html Not sure what language the code is but I an going to rewrite it in asm. have fun gogo
  14. So do I Thats a 8051 board wicth isn't bad but it will take a lot of time to program. If your just looking to controll one machine there is a product out there called mini brick. What that is a small selfprogramming controller that will operate relays at different time periods. We use them all the time were I work at. I work at a Amusement Park. Life is fun. Anyways we use the minibricks to controll lights, air cyclinders, sound machines, and whatever needs to be controlled. have fun gogo
  15. Thank You Audioguru I'll give it a try have fun gogo
  16. I was looking at different stepper motor controllers and I was thinking of making this one for a bench test controller. But I don't understand what the cmos dose. thanks gogo
  17. Someone was looking for large sheets of this stuff a while back and I ran across this http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/ProductDetail.asp?SKU=977-8134&SEARCH=9778134&ID=&MPN=169P84WEC1&DESC=169P84WEC1 Have fun gogo
  18. What eles would you use? Its clean, easy to control, and easy to produce. I wish someone would make a afrodable electric car, that would cut polution more then hafe. I was around when coal was the main source of heat, I also used oil heat neither one is clean. Gas is better but still polutes. I don't know what eles is there. gogo
  19. Hello GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is a UHF personal radio service allocated 8 frequency pairs and 7 non-paired frequencies in the 462 MHz and 467MHz bands. / Family Radio Service (FRS)? FRS is a private, two-way, very short-distance voice communications service for facilitating family and group activities. I copy this off a web search have fun gogo
  20. Here is a site that might help you http://pminmo.com/ Its has some good and well tested projects. gogo
  21. Hi mumcs your going to love this site http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/9643/TraceWidth.htm It should help you out. have fun gogo
  22. I guess I don't unstand the question. One point would be the same no matter what because you would have nothing to compare it to. Unless you had a second Point to compare it to there is no differance. And hopefully that ducks right wing is the same or the duck wouldn't be able to fly stright. have fun gogo
  23. There about the same except the expensive one looks more pro but the cheaper one has more advanteges. 1st it comes with jumpers 2nd you can clip on more more boards and make it bigger. I would buy the less expensive one myself. better yet the way I use breadboard I would buy 10 of them and save even more. No kidding I have two powered breadboards and about 6 other regular breadboards with something on em and if I had more boards that would make my life or hobby much easier have fun gogo
  24. hello privas A rpm counter could be made with a ir led and ir detector. Using a 4017 as a counter and some kind of relay. BUT the thing is SAFETY the Power switch would have to be manualy shut off befor unloading the machine. I don't know what your setup looks like but if you go automatic I would sugest haveing a cage around it with a door with some kind of cutoff switch to kill the power when its open. You could get more elaborate and drop the 4017 counter and use a microcontroller with a count down timer that could be set at any amount of turns you wanted. The relay is no problem, a simple circuit between the mcu and the realy would be easy. And maybe a triger setup for the door latch to reset the counter. have fun gogo
  25. Thanks Ashtead This dose help, I have the uln2803 and th 2N3906's Now all I have to do is get the breadboard out and do some testing, As far as codeing the pic thats no problem I think I understand the asm code better then I understand the electronics part. When I get the thing going and the code rem'ed I post it if anybody wants it. Thanks again gogo
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