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  1. Hey guys Is KevinIV a BOT? he sure dose comes up with some systematic question and answers. gogo
  2. The ones I use works off a pir sensor, that hooks up to a timer circuit, that hooks up to a electronic relay, that controls a fluid valve. The fluid valve is the most expensive part. gogo
  3. Hello I found a good free schematic and PCB routing program, its been around for awhile its open gpl called KiCad, takes a little to get ued to but it has some awesome features. and its all free. just Google KiCad. gogo ps: if you try it and look for a tutorial don't use the one on indestructible s web site they left out a few steps and make the program very confusing, like most of there tutorials. don't bother with them unless you want to subscripe to there club A good tutorial is at http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Mini_tutorial KiCad has a Manual in the doc files in the KiCad folder in the doc folder click on help folder and then click on your language.
  4. nice job Hero999 wish could do a decent search using the op codes. I just use the ++ sign. gogo
  5. hello That is a heavy Schottky Barrier diode, it can handle 40 volts 7 amps, you think it will need something that heavy? Other wise besides finding the coil it should be easy enough. have fun gogo heres the data sheet for the mbr745 ds23007.pdf
  6. Thanks for the response I had to cut the PS apart to see what I could find. Could find and fuses blown or any fried chips or caps. I will let it dery out a little more befor I plug it in and test it. I did find a replacement on amazon for 22.00 dollars not bad. thanks again gogo
  7. Hello Heres a link that might interest you about wind generators http://www.windstuffnow.com/main/ have fun gogo
  8. Hello murffy's law took over at work the other day and my laptop PS paid the price now I have to decide weather to buy a replacement or build one. right now I got the laptop running off a bench top PS. the computer still works. I could try to fix the wet one but I have took them apart before and don't think I could fix it. The power spec's are 19.2 volts at 3.5 amps. A replacement will cost about 80+bucks with shipping pricey but pretty. Its an old laptop so maybe I just get a newer one sooner then thought, but the other one still works fine for light duty stuff. I use it a lot to program pic's and keep my research on it. any Ideas would be appreciated thanks in advance gogo Oh it a Toshiba satellite
  9. Hello Alex Tsekenis That is not fun having someone else make your board for you. come on were is the pride in doing that. I suppose if I needed a hundred boards or more for production then maybe but then if I were to produce something how would I save by having someone else make profit of my work. Besides I am just a hobbyist who enjoys a challenge. gogo
  10. Ya your right toner is pretty tough but the white stuff is suppose to stick to the toner and I am having problems with it to do that. I never used conformal coating hows that work? and what stuff would you recommend? thanks in advance gogo
  11. Hello I have been making my on boards for about three or four years now but I ran into something different I wanted to try. I picked up a package of White TRF Foil. You know the stuff that is suppose to stick to toner. Thought I would try making a nice silk screen with that. Problem is I do not have a laminator so I tried to use a cloths iron instead. Didn't work, what happen is by the time the sheet got hot enough to stick it stuck to the board and not to the toner (strange) and not evenly. anyone try using this stuff any help would be appreciated Thank You gogo
  12. I think I spent a whole 8 bucks for my Iron at walmart. works fine. gogo
  13. Hello jknightandkarr Once you figure it out and do it several times you be able to do it in your sleep. Here is what I use before I bought a cheap laser printer I used to take a print off my ink-jet printer to the library and have them make a couple of copies. But the paper was not right. I use to work at a printing company when I was younger and what they used to prof a copy of a page of a magazine was office gloss paper. That is the kind of paper I use now and i works perfect, only takes a few minutes to soak off the board when I am done ironing it and it holds the image just like photo paper. Cleaning the board is very important. I buff the board with fine steel wool then scrub it with a scotch pad and a little bathroom cleanser then rinse it, dry it then wipe with some acid-tone to get any grease off. I use a very hot Iron, sometimes the paper turns a little brown, and pressing hard, sometimes I rub the iron in a little at all four corners. It doesn't really take that long maybe two minutes or so. I use a small wad of paper for a ironing board. when I am done I can see a light outline of the print. Then I just slip int a dish of water and let it soak for a minuter or two, the paper all most falls of just have to make sure there is no paper stuck between the tracks. I scrub it with my fingers or some times with a scotch pad lightly. that is it the board is know ready to be etched . works every time for me gogo
  14. Hello RFamateur and welcome to the form. Here are a few. These have stuff some good lot outdated. http://www.goldmine-elec.com/default.htm http://unicornelectronics.com/prod.htm http://www.mpja.com/category/LEDs/LEDs.asp http://www.futurlec.com/index.shtml http://www.allelectronics.com/ http://www.danssmallpartsandkits.net/ http://www.alltronics.com/assortments.htm These are good suppliers http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=home http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/Pages/index.aspx http://www.web-tronics.com/ http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1 That should get you going. gogo
  15. Hello you can save yourself a lot of expence by using the toner processes. If you don't have a laser printer no sweat just take your print to a library or office supply store or just about any place that can make a laser copy of your art work. Then just use the iron method. As far as paper goes I use office gloss, its just like magazine paper and it only takes a few minutes to soak off the board. Photo paper is a waste and takes to long to soak off. gogo
  16. Hello plumber And welcome to the form. I got to ask what you are trying to power up at 4ma at 30 volts, a led draws 20ma. gogo
  17. Hello Rob K and welcome to the form. I look at the replacement price for tips when I buy a soldering iron and availability. I bought the ZD 929C on this page along with ten extra tips about a year ago and haven't had a problem with it yet. http://www.mpja.com/productsdirect.asp?dept=480&main=79&item1=15860+TL&item2=15845+TL&item3=15140+TL&item4=15141+TL&item5=17204+TL Not a bad investment plus there are different size tips and a surface mount adapter for it too. have fun gogo
  18. I am running firfox right now and am not having any problems today. but I do see a couple of spammers are trying to get on the form gogo
  19. Nice looking board Hero999 . You used conformal coating? I have a few ideas for my next board, Have you ever tried this stuff http://www.web-tronics.com/torefowpwh.html I also have some small silk screen like stuff in small sheets that can be photo exposed, haven't tried that yet, think I am saving it for a real good board that I would want to reproduce in numbers. http://www.photoezsilkscreen.com/howto-create.htm anyways, your boards look good Thanks for sharing gogo
  20. Hello Ya using sharpies dose take a little time but they work for simple boards, just have to let the lacquer set for a few hours before you etch the board. thats how I started out, now I do it the same way Hero999 dose. I like to use office gloss paper. After going to the library a few times I bought a cheap laser printer from tigerdirect. over the years I learned a few tricks. Its been fun and I still use a sharpie once and a while for the easy ones. gogo
  21. Hello pyrohaz To bad the sever on this site crashed a few months ago because there was a lot of threads on how to make your own PCBs. Its not really that hard and only takes a small investment. I make all my own PCB, maybe not the best compared to the commercial ones but I am getting better. I guess the whole idea of electronics as a hobby is to do it the cheapest way possible and to learn as much as you can. So if your into the hobby for the long run learning how to make them now would be the ideal time. Like i said it doesn't take much of a investment. A piece of copper clad some etchant like Ferric Chloride, a Tupperware bowl and a sharpie pen. All for around 20 bucks or less. With a little practice and a few add ons your boards are only limited by your imagination. Have fun gogo
  22. Heres the link for the mc34071ap http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/462688-ic-opamp-sgl-supply-4-5mhz-8dip-mc34071ap.html gogo
  23. Hello elan_arr And welcome to the form. We would need some more info befor we could help. Like what are you trying to do. gogo
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