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  1. Hi Don Heres a site with a good explanation about the difference between 50Hz and 60Hz http://www.kropla.com/electric.htm Have fun gogo
  2. Hello Tecno Welcome to the site. If you look in the Articles on top of this page you find severial posts. Also if you do a search on this site you will find more. Making PCB's are easy you just have to do a little experimenting. have fun gogo
  3. Hello edeca That could be done with a 555 time and a 4017 counter and some kind of gate for em plus transistors and resistors, and caps. Or a Pic could be multiplexed on one port to handle the 10 led's but you would need to use transistors to handle the curent for the leds. If I were to try this project I would go the 555 timer way. good luck gogo
  4. Hello MP I newit was there thanks for finding it. Also I went through one of my back disks and found the help file too. I'll post it. have fun gogo eaglehlp_eng_pdf.zip
  5. Hello Ya there is a manual for egale, its on there site, I think in the user forms. Its a PDF file and if my other computer was running I would post it. gogo
  6. hello change you grid dementions to a lower value ane the smd's should work gogo
  7. Hello Korslain Your body is one big circut and the voltage is the same where ever you go. potenial difference is the same. so the only difference in resistance is the points of contact. gogo
  8. Hi MP Thanks for the pat on the back, I did try Rason's method and it worked. Next I am going to play with a 555 timer and someother transistor circuts. gogo
  9. Hwllo Um...Me123 WoW that sucks, were did you order the meters from? also do the meters have clips on them for the battery? gogo
  10. Hello audioguru I have a LM338 in a T3 package. I read the data sheet and it really dosn't show any difference between the 220 and T3. I salvaged one out of a printer and it had a real nice heat with it. What I had in mind to do was use the Lm338 in a power supply project with 3amp output at 24 volts. Guess I have more reading to do. thanks for the info gogo
  11. hello Niksun You know th LM338 can handle 5amps, and is verable from 1.2 to 37 volts. heres the data sheet gogo LM338K.pdf
  12. Hello I was thinking about a kit that could mesure smd caps with a dig readout, or even a reader that could give you the value of a resistor just buy scaning it. Hey I am full of kits. How about a automatic inventory counter. mmm an automatic nightlight that can tell when you fell a sleep then turned off, just an idea. I don't know what did you have in mind gogo
  13. Hi guys I found this site that explanes using transistors for a switch, good site. http://www.rason.org/Projects/transwit/transwit.htm have fun gogo
  14. Hello I started in electronics amost 30 years ago but had to switch to something I could make money at. I can Paint, Weld , Do auto body work, Done construction work, Sold tires ha, Can drive a semi and drove cross country for awhile. But I am getting old so I took a maintenance job at an amusement center. This the best job I have every had. I get to use all my skills. And this is what got me back into electronics, we have a haunted house a good one. I get to set up the rooms and work with the props. Some use microlcontrollers, that got me into using pic's. and that got me back into electronics. Whats nice is now I have time to do what I want, always had the what if problem. Have fun gogo
  15. Hello cytise01 I think we are going to need more information. What kind of power supply do you want to use? What dose 1/8 mono mean? What kind of skills do you have? and a couple more we will bring up latter. untill then have fun gogo
  16. Hi audioguru I am new to this stuff so I got a question vss means voltage source vdd means voltage drain I think So I think you got them on backwards in your schematic . I think like I said I am new to this stuff. gogo
  17. Hello dgrayone You could start checking voltage from the input on down the line, Thats what usualy goes first. have fun gogo
  18. Hi Guys I,m sticking up for both of ya. Just by watching some of the heated discusion is a learning thing. I have done so many diferent things over the years and to try remember how I did them all is next to impossible, its only when I atemped to do it again it starts to come back. gogo
  19. hello mik3ca Get a cheep set up, Like a tuberware juice jug and a fish heater and bubbler. you can etche in less then 10 minutes gogo
  20. Hello Chris 50 Nice link thanks. I too use eagle and pcb wiz, I like both sometimes when I have something simple I use pcb wiz. For the hard ones I use egale, it has more componeits and has more options. I down loaded that project and will attach the files to this post. Like I said thanks have fun gogo fcl_meter.zip fcl_pcb.zip
  21. Thank You audioguru for what I am planing on useing it for it should do. I just want to learn more about small amps and stuff. gogo
  22. Hello Thanks for the links Chris 50 I never used a oscilloscope, so I do not know what would be a good one to start out with. I found this one, http://www.electronickits.com/gold/st16b.htm Not sure if its a good choice. I am just a hobbist and don't really need one but still it be nice to have one. Thanks for any input. have fun gogo
  23. Hello Amr Bekhit Add a aquarium heater to it and your ready to go. Thats what most of us do. Nice PDF work by the way. Oh and I find a one gallon tubberware juice container works better. Have fun gogo
  24. Hello fabmeister I thought they only gold plated contact points, are you sure its plated or could it be painted. gogo
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