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  1. Hello Someone was asking about the board that someone drewup in eagle. i looked at it and almost made it, went so far as to burn the board. I think that it isn't right. looks like the 7 segments are backwards. Don't know has anybody eles tried it. I'll post the files so you can look at em. gogo ICL7107.zip
  2. Hello I agree with hotwaterwizard, alittle humor relaxes the mind. gogo
  3. Hello allvol I'm looking at the Example : 1000 of 8421 = 1011 in Excess-3 dose that mean anything over 1000 + 3 equals a 1 or anythin over 3 equals 1 ? just a question? I don't understand how this works. gogo
  4. Hello OK you got me where can you buy zero Ohm resistors, I think a jumper wire has more Ohms then zero. gogo
  5. gogo2520


    Hello mohdfasieh Boy I used to do that stuff back in high school, what a pain learning can be. have fun gogo
  6. Hello http://www.mouser.com/ can do better then that and its in the US. If you know what you are searching for you can find like 100 Ohm smd resistors 35 for a buck. and there are other companies that sell for less too. You just have to shop around. have fun gogo
  7. Hello rybitski Dremel all ready makes a small drill press stand that you can attach you drill to. It only cost about 30 bucks and it pretty sturdy, don't know I guess if you can come up with something better for less that might be good. I bought a cheep drill press for under a 100 bucks, a small benchtop one. Best 100 bucks I ever spent. Have fun gogo
  8. Hello I clicked on the link looks ok but not in english, oh well gogo
  9. Hello warda the 74AS ic's or pretty much obsolite. You might try the 74LS series ic's it runs at the same voltage. have fun gogo
  10. Hello linger Its been awhile since I used a video capture card but this is what I did, first I used a converted that would take the single from the VHS and send it to the computer through a usb port. The name of the capture card was IREZ I don't think they sell them any more but there are others. second I used a program that converted the vhs single to vcd. Got that program from www.vcdhelp.com look in there tools section and read. have fun gogo
  11. hello thunder There is a good eagle tutorial on the eagle web site plus I think I posted one in pdf format someware on this site. You can search this site for it. have fun gogo
  12. hELLO ImperialGuardWH40K If you are just doing soldering with your hobbies and are worried about the smoke and lead you might check into something like this. http://www.mpja.com/productview.asp?product=15166+TL Have Fun gogo
  13. To bad it wasn't a DH DH BFN19 Sie P SOT89 pnp video o/p 300V comp BFN18 Thats the closes I can find in a sot 89 so far who made the controller gogo
  14. hello robotgangsta Not sure what you want to do. It sounds like you want to store sound with magnets. hummm maybe someday. The term is "never say never" but not today. have fun gogo
  15. Hello Ldanielrosa Heres is what I understand about Ferrofluids. Ferrofluids are superparamagnetic and have very low hysteresis. The particles are usually iron, magnetite, or cobalt, and are smaller than a magnetic domain, typically 10 nanometers in diameter. The surrounding liquid is typically oil or water (or possibly wax). Surfactants are used to make the suspension more stable, so that the micelle-trapped particles repel each other due to steric hindrance effects. Why would I want to put small particles of stuff inside of my motor? have fun gogo
  16. Hello Everyone I was just woundering , What are solder pots used for? Some how in the back of my head I got this image of a solder squirt gun hooked up to one, da. I have seen them for sale but have know idea what they are used for. gogo
  17. Hello Interesting read. I was wondering what are Q1 and ic1 in audioguru circuit thanks you gogo
  18. Hi guys The more I read this form the more i want to start my own thread Called In LayMen Terms. fist off nutty boy Where did you get the transformer.? If you got it out of a piece of old something there should of been a ratting on either amps or wattage. That might help us. Or did you buy it from a store? they should be able to tell what it is. What kind of test equiment do you have and how much experence do you have? There is a lot of questions we have too. Asking is a good start, so don't stop. gogo
  19. hello prateeksikka here is a site that might help you out http://www.wave-report.com/tutorials/DSP.htm gogo
  20. Hi I did some more searching and can not find anthing different. Where or what did you find that one. gogo that might help
  21. Hello rigdoctor99 is right about http://www.101science.com/ It starts at the basics just look around and you would be amazed at the amount of information on that site. plus it has all kind of links too. just have to read a little gogo
  22. Hello eemaestro A 555 is use in a lot of ways, if there is a switch involed the 555 could used as a timmer or pwm for a motor. Post the Projects So we know what your looking at. have fun gogo
  23. Hi guys 50 megs is a big file to upload, don't see how they could do that. gogo :o
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