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  1. hello raccon82 They make AC amp meters, you might check them out to see how they work, Then see if you could convert the output to a/d and use a uc to mesure the useage, sort of like a data logger. have fun gogo
  2. hello I never had an luck with lead solder either. I suppose if that was all I did all day is solder i'd want it but for what I do i'll stick with the lead solder. gogo
  3. Hello mugsby not sure what you looking for but silicon-on-insulator (SOI) is the same as silicon on sapphire, so you might want to try a search on soi. gogo
  4. I use to have the remote but I left it next to my checkbook one day and now there both gone, I miss my checkbook. gogo
  5. Hello That looks good MP, that should help shahzad-h get started with 7 seg's. as far as 5 by 7 dot matrix displays a 74hc595 and a microcontroller would work I have been playing around with scrolling message signs using a pic. have fun gogo
  6. hellp oldgrandpainmi I know Radio Shack had them when I was there because I bought some there, cat. No. 276-1490. We have two radio shacks in the area one has em the other has cell phones ha. I think they only cost a couple of bucks. I just use em to repair by boched up transfers. hope this this helps gogo ps: radio shack has an online cat.
  7. hello shahzad-h the secret ic is the 4511 cmos shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone I told you gogo
  8. Hello MNA take a look at this http://home.att.net/~wzmicro/avsender.htm I think this what your trying to do have fun gogo
  9. Hello mixos Here are two sites I check for information on smd's http://clivetec.superihost.com/SMD_CodesD.htm http://www.tkb-4u.com/code/smdcode/indexsmdcode.php and what I find its id at-DK BCX42 Sie N SOT23 gp audio pnp 125V comp BCX41 hope this helps gogo
  10. Hello oldgrandpainmi You can get the direct etch transfers here http://www.mpja.com/productview.asp?product=14867+DT The last time I went to radio shack they had em too ( about 3 months ago) . but it depends on the store I guess. If they don' have them they should be able to order it for you. have fun gogo
  11. Hello kb7cga You can find the UCN5804B, heres a link http://www.futurlec.com/Others/UCN5804Bpr.shtml also if you want to makle a board with out controllers check this out http://pminmo.com/3axis/3axis.htm have fun gogo
  12. Hello napster_team I checked out your book, nice work. Very nice. It is a good starting point for the beginner. Thanks for sharing gogo
  13. Hello sbdwag I read the other thread and I agree it is a long one. Wich schematic did you go by? By the way your board looks good. Thanks gogo
  14. Hello You can find the isd chip here. http://www.futurlec.com/Others/ISD2560Ppr.shtml and if you want to turn the sound playback on with the 8051, you would just sink the push button to gound. gogo
  15. Hello microzone How big of a vibration do you need? I have seen projects using small pager virbrators that cost less then a buck, and larger projects using sander motors for 20 bucks and up. So how big do you need it to be. gogo
  16. I would be happy with a small cell phone jammer, something that would work at a 10 foot range. gogo PS. I hate felling like a esedroper.
  17. Hello f3x And welcome. Here is a site that could help you. The LM386 data sheet also has a test circuit to help yop too. http://braincambre500.freeservers.com/LM386%20Audio%20Amp.htm gogo
  18. Hello Staigen Thanks for pointing that out. Yes I am new to this and I thought my answer was right, good thing you cought it. Hey Zeppelin good thing for you and I am sorry about the mistake. And for me hey I learned something too :) I do have a question on something that is throughing me off, I read stuff on caps that give refference on MF and UF I thought they were the same the way the Parts house list them. so ya I don't know enough. Like I said I'm new ha gogo
  19. Hello allvol I think MP means something like this. http://www.futurlec.com/SMD_Adapters.shtml have fun gogo
  20. Hello Steve Were did you find the answer at? gogo
  21. Hello siddigjali Not sure what you mean by, elctronics bag, do you have some project in mind, I need more information gogo
  22. Hello Queen Try this site maybe it will help You. http://pminmo.com/3axis/3axis.htm gogo
  23. Hello allvol Don't be surprised if TI sends you a letter (E-Mail) asking you to pay for the shipping cost. Thats what I got last time I tried them for free samples. gogo
  24. Hello alkv23 That looks like a 20watt 1 ohm resistor. Not sure about the ohms but you could check that with a ohm meter. gogo
  25. Hello I have been reading this thread for awhile and I just have to ask jassam where can you find the ic CD-1846P. I did a web search and couldn't even find a data sheet on that ic let alone a source to buy one. There are a few sites that show the circuit you posted buts thats about it. Maybe it goes by another name. Let Me Know Thanks gogo
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