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  1. Hello Back when I used to go fishing, we'd got are worms by using a AC probe. What we would do is take the hot side of a power cord and tape it to a insulated screw driver, tap off the ground side, Plug it in then stick the screw driver into the ground. With in seconds the worms would pop up. The problem is that they would not live very long after that. gogo
  2. Hello Zeppelin I built a power supply like that, it uses a logic switch to control the voltage. I got a PDF file of the project. check it out gogo power.pdf
  3. Hello Were can you buy H2O2, I live in the states and all hydrogen peroxide solutions I have seen is only 3% H2O2 and 97% water. gogo
  4. Hi logan_dslasher Yes it is, but like I said at a price, battery power backup systems are used all over the world. gogo
  5. Hey logan_dslasher yes, UPS's can supply backup for a long time but the longer the time and amount of curent adds to the price, big ones are not cheap. You can find ones to backup the power of a computer system for 30 minutes for under a 100 bucks us, and they get bigger, but they cost more. UPS systems give you time to shutdown you system without loseing informamtion. As far as Radios, and TV's,Ya they can be found but at a price. But still to buy one would cost less then to make one. gogo
  6. hello Zeppelin OK mju 1, 250 = 1 micro Farads, 250 volts 1n, 400 = .001micro Farads, 400 volts mju 33, 100 = 33micro Farads, 100 volts 10n,400 = .01micro Farads, 400volts Farads, micoFarads, nanoFarads, picoFarads The first is the value, and the second is the voltage hope this helps gogo
  7. Hello kazeem Hassan UPS, uninterrupted Power supply, There nice to have but I think it would cost less just to buy one rather then to try to make one. Unless you have a good source to buy the batteries at. Have fun gogo
  8. Hi Ante Ya it looks pretty cool, just wish I could find someone who has one to see if its any good. The reason for that is because there is another hot air Iron station I am looking at for around 200 bucks. and I was thinking maybe i should go that way. Don't know yet. Just waiting for different replys. Have fun gogo
  9. Hello I have been looking at this for awhile, not sure if its any good or not. http://www.web-tronics.com/hotairgunwdi.html check it out and let me know what you think. gogo
  10. Nice Job Staigen Thank You gogo
  11. Hello cynicmonster I tried different ways of desoldering. I used solder wicks, spring loaded solder suckers. even used a probane tourch. All work to some degree but I found a better tool that didn't cost that much, Its called a Desoldering Iron, its sort of like a soldering iron but has a hole in the center of the tip and a squeze ball atttacted to it. Works real good and I got one at Radio Shack for under 15 bucks. Its cool you let the iron heat up and when its ready you just squeze the ball and place the iron on the solder joint you want to desolder, when you see the solder start to melt release the squeze ball and the solder is sucked up, nice and clean. I have been tearing apart old printers and stuff and found it to work real good on transistors and even ic's. Have Fun gogo
  12. Hello airbornflght The microcontroller windoze killa is talking about could be program c, c++, basic, or asm. It all depends on what compiler you are using. You said you got a LCD for 3 bucks, wow did it come with the controller? gogo
  13. Hello Kevin I can answer that question because i'm one of them guys. I'm just a hobbiest and not a very smart one at that so I try different things that I know nothing about just to see how it works. Then when it dosen't work I post a question on the form to see what I did wrong. Have fun gogo
  14. I don't think I would were a wrist strap around High Voltage. I thought the strap was made so it would let your body stay netural when working low power compoinents. gogo
  15. Nice setup alkv23 I always clean up my lab befor I start a new project, ha ya, I would take a picture of it, if only I could figure out what pile of junk I left my camera under. have fun gogo
  16. Hello Bostamy I have seen small electronic propane cigar lighters you mean something like that. gogo
  17. Thank You Ante Bigger is better, good thing because I have a bunch of 5 watt resistors I have been saveing. I have been tearing apart old dot matrix printers and finding all kinds of good stuff. What a goldmine and people almost pay you to take em off there hands. Thanks again gogo
  18. Hello sreeja Theres is a couple threads on this web site some are long ones if you look at the top of this form there is a search form. If you search for Led digital voltmeter you will find them. good luck gogo
  19. Hi Ante i Like you power supply Using LM 317's Lm350's I got some of both. If I were to use Lm350's and used resistors for ajusting current on the first stage what wat resistors should I use. I'm looking at maybe 2 to 3 amps Thanks gogo
  20. Her you go Logan Have Fun gogo Eagle_Tutorial.pdf eaglehlp_eng.pdf
  21. Hi Ante I would use a MJ4502 if I could find one. I only going to build a 2 or 3 amp power supply. I'll Keep looking. Two 2n2955 will work, have to see if I can find them. Thanks Ante gogo
  22. I fond the answer, The vcc+ would come off the output of the lm317. But according to the data sheet of the LM301 the max input voltage is 22volts so how can it work if the LM317 is produceing 30 volts? Thank You gogo
  23. Hello I have been looking at this circuit for awhile and the only thing I don't under stand about the LM301 is Pin 7 VCC which would be what. The output power of the LM317 or the input power. Thanks gogo
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