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  1. We are the best research center in China for the MCU service. especially ,we are specialized in the Microchip , Atmel ,AVR , Atmega and so on. Please visit our service at : www.mcuservice.com
  2. That should be very hot, the efficient is about 66% .... so that is overload of LM317 I think you can change to use : LM2576,that would be very good.because that is switching power chips. www.mcuservice.com
  3. I think that is easy to Change,and the left PCB is supply the power and for relay output. and if you remove the compacitor and supply the AC current directly to the bridge circuit. www.mcuservice.com
  4. Please download the hardware book from this site: http://www.mcuservice.com/download/HWBOOK.zip That is a good book,and have almost all the interface of the PC hardware, for example ,PCI,ISA,RS232,PS2 and so on. Hope this would be useful for you.
  5. Whether it's rebuilding a car engine or diagramming a sentence, people can learn about many things simply by taking them apart and putting them back together again. That, in a nutshell, is the concept behind reverse-engineering breaking something down,then in order to understand it, build a copy or improve it. A process that was originally applied only to hardware, reverse-engineering is now applied to software, databases and even human DNA. Reverse-engineering is especially important with computer hardware and software. Programs are written in a language, say C++ or Java, that's understandable by other programmers. But to run on a computer, they have to be translated by another program, called a compiler, into the ones and zeros of machine language. Compiled code is incomprehensible to most programmers, but there are ways to convert machine code back to a more human-friendly format, including a software tool called a decompiler. Reverse-engineering is used for many purposes: as a learning tool; as a way to make new, compatible products that are cheaper than what's currently on the market; for making software interoperate more effectively or to bridge data between different operating systems or databases; and to uncover the undocumented features of commercial products. A famous example of reverse-engineering involves San Jose-based Phoenix Technologies Ltd., which in the mid-1980s wanted to produce a BIOS for PCs that would be compatible with the IBM PC's proprietary BIOS. (A BIOS is a program stored in firmware that's run when a PC starts up; see Technology QuickStudy, June 25.) To protect against charges of having simply (and illegally) copied IBM's BIOS, Phoenix reverse-engineered it using what's called a "clean room," or "Chinese wall," approach. First, a team of engineers studied the IBM BIOS about 8KB of code and described everything it did as completely as possible without using or referencing any actual code. Then Phoenix brought in a second team of programmers who had no prior knowledge of the IBM BIOS and had never seen its code. Working only from the first team's functional specifications, the second team wrote a new BIOS that operated as specified. The resulting Phoenix BIOS was different from the IBM code, but for all intents and purposes, it operated identically. Using the clean-room approach, even if some sections of code did happen to be identical, there was no copyright infringement. Phoenix began selling its BIOS to companies that then used it to create the first IBM-compatible PCs. Other companies, such as Cyrix Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc., have successfully reverse-engineered Intel Corp. microprocessors to make less-expensive Intel-compatible chips. Few operating systems have been reverse-engineered. With their millions of lines of code compared with the roughly 32KB of modern BIOSs reverse-engineering them would be an expensive option. But applications are ripe for reverse-engineering, since few software developers publish their source code. Technically, an application programming interface (API) should make it easy for programs to work together, but experts say most APIs are so poorly written that third-party software makers have little choice but to reverse-engineer the programs with which they want their software to work, just to ensure compatibility. ================================ www.mcuservice.com Shanghai Longxin Microelectronics Co.,Ltd [email protected]
  6. Welcome to cooperate with companies or persons from all the world. Hope we can become good friens. Shanghai/China
  7. I think if need a simple ,you can use the Variable-Resistance(VR),and set the current to your need and then use a Comparator . Or use a small value Resistance to sample the current ,and then get the volatage to analysis. that is the similar in the battery charger. ============================================================ Extract the code for you from the protected MCU for legal use! Overseas Market Department: Tel:+86-21-68458945 Fax:+86-21-50454820 [email protected] MSN:[email protected] www.wafersensor.com http://listing.hk.business.yahoo.com/en/13945/index.html
  8. I think you can use a GSM or GRPS module to design this system. When the sensors in different places get the data,and then can send the data through the GSM or GPRS module to your center. If the data information is just a little,you can try to use the SMS to send .and also can use this channel to control the sensors to start or stop to get the data. ============================================== Extract the code from the Protected MCU. We provide the best MCU service. www.wafersensor.com [email protected]
  9. 1.PS2/MOUSE DRIVE 2.Coin operated machine project 3.Coin selector project 4.PS/2 Mouse project 5.Remote control receiver code And so on..................... All the project is developed by myself ,and I would like to sell all the souce code of them to who want to have it and study together. And if you need any other project ,we can develop them for you. If you want to get more detail ,please send me mail about these project. [email protected] www.wafersensor.com Spring
  10. I would like to sell my Drive for ps2 mouse. That drive is a big package for WINDOWS98/2000/NT/XP..... that is programmed by C Language.
  11. Dear, There is so many choice for you to use. 1.If you are design a good products,you can choose the MCU to control the PWM CHIP to control the Motor 2.you can use a Mcu with a PWM output to control the MOS transistor to control the motor 3.If you just to design a easy tool for yourself ,you can use the adjustable resistance ,and the NE555,to output the different pulse width to control the MOS and then can adjust the DC motor. ================================ 1.Extract the code for you from programed Mcu for legal use 2.Specilized in the Microwave sensor,automatic door sensor,infrared sensor 3.OEM PCB and design for you in China www.wafersensor.com [email protected] MSN:[email protected]
  12. We don't know what is exactly you want to know . If your 8051 system want to connect with the 12V system,you should use the 12V power supply and the low down the Voltage to 5V for 8051 system. and you the relay is used in the 8051 system,you can select the 5V relay or 12V relay ,that is depended on what you want . ================================ 1.Extract the code for you from programed Mcu for legal use 2.Specilized in the Microwave sensor,automatic door sensor,infrared sensor 3.OEM PCB and design for you in China www.wafersensor.com [email protected]
  13. Dear, I think that is because that you may miss a bypass capacitor 10uF between the output and the GND. And if you have any other problems,you can paste your circuit here,and that is easy for us to solve this problems for you. ======================================= Extract the Code from the Programed Mcu For you for legal use Frank Shanghai Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd www.waferstar.com [email protected]
  14. I think you can use a Microcontroller with A/D and also use a LCD to display. This system is not difficult,but the most important is the cost of the system. And I used to use a chip : FS9912,that maybe suitable for you to use. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extract the Code from programmed MCU for you; Automatic door sensor,safety beam sensor for automatic door; www.waferstar.com Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd [email protected]
  15. i/p means Input Impedances: the Impedances which is measured from the input side; o/p means output Impedances: the Impedances which is measured from the output side; turns ratio measns the retio between input voltage and output voltage;
  16. I think you firstly should learn more on the principle of the automatic door system. and I think you can ask some information from the automatic door company,and they will give some useful information for you to use. I used to be an engineer in designing of the automatic door controller ,and also the automatic door sensor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extract the Code from the Programmed MCU www.waferstar.com [email protected]
  17. Dear, TMP37 provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the temperature. You can connect it to A/D converters. and the Base point (Set point) is set by DIP switch.So you should use the output of A/D converters to compare with the set point,and the calculate the actual temperature. For example,if when temperature is zero,the output is A,and you can set the setpoint to A.and then If the output is B,then (B-A) is proportional to the temperature. ------------------------------------------------------------- Our service :Extract the Code from Programed MCU www.waferstar.com Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
  18. That is not difficult. And easy to design and produce. But I think firstly you should be ware of the disturbance from sunlight. So you can use the software to avoid the disturbance. Also if you need a long distance between the Transmitter and Receiver,you should select a good amplifier and also select a suitable Power of the Transmitter. ------------------------------------------------- Extract the software Code From Programed MCU Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd www.waferstar.com Frank_ic[email protected] [email protected]
  19. I think that is a little difficult for you to produce the RF circuit. Even if you have the design schematic,that is not easy to adjust the Frequency if you don't have the specified equipments. And you can buy the RF receive and Transmit module for you to use. That is very easy . Sometimes ,they use the Fixed Encoder and Decoder IC,such as the PT2262/PT2272; And also sometimes,use the Rolling code controller and decoder,such as HC301,and use the software to act as the Decoder. That is very easy for you to use. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Extract the software Code from the Programed MCU Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd www.waferstar.com [email protected]
  20. Dear, That is a 8 bit D/A converter --------------------------------------------------------- Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd www.waferstar.com Extract the Code from MCU for proper use Hope cooperation at Automatic control project Automatic door sensor
  21. You don't have time to order that ,but you have time to make it from the elementary component ??? I think if you don't have the special equipment,the best way is to order it .It is difficult for you to adjust the High-Frequency circuit.That need the SPECTRUM ANALYZER . My company is specialized in the microwave products,that is at 12.5G HZ. But your Radio test is at about 433M or 310M. So I think the best way is to order from others. The remote control unit is also very cheap. That is just about 4 USD for a receive module and two transmitter. But also I can supply you some basic circuit for the 433M radio remote control circuit. Spring Liu www.waferstar.com
  22. Of course that is on one PCB circuit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Service:Extract the software for you from the MCU Spring Liu/Export Department Tel:+86-21-58314916 Fax:+86-21-58314812 Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd www.waferstar.com
  23. yes,agree to Ante And if you want to from 5V DC to 3.3V DC ,you also can use the diode to step down the voltages. Of couse if you use the 7805,7812,You should consider the overheated.
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