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  1. Mirror http://cidess.free.fr now available, without ads ! New questions in FAQ And you can view more guinea pigs photos ;D
  2. This version of CiDess supports only 3DG format, as I'm not a 3D specialist and I don't know these fileformat describtions. If you have troubles to download CiDess, I give you a new mirror site: http://membres.lycos.fr/cidess/ Moreover, you will have another URL to download program installation files: electroremy.free.fr/cidess_fullm.zip Also for 1.44Mb floppies : electroremy.free.fr/cidess_fullm.part1.exe electroremy.free.fr/cidess_fullm.part2.rar
  3. There is no undo function. Program an undo function available for all commands will take larger ressources and slows the program. For next version, I think about several possibilities : - a partial undo (not available on all commands) - create restores points every 5 minutes - create *.bak file after each reading and every 5 or 15 minutes - ... Thanks for your interests. PS : Is the English version correct for you ?
  4. It's freeware, but the fileformats used are described and you can get the source code of the 3D view and of the translation tool. As CiDess has 1Mo source files (1Mo is the real size of code, without texts or graphical elements) and the fact that comments are in French, it's not very useful for CiDess user to have the code. By. Edit: You can view the license in the web site and in the license-en.txt file in CiDess.exe path.
  5. Hi, I'm just finished CiDess, a free PCB editor. CiDess' strong points : - Easy to use - Large number of component types featured (1081) - 3D view - User-friendly component types editor - You can increase or decrease pad size for each component - 2 pads components are stretchable - You can turn the components at any angle - Support both single and double side PCB - Support CMS - Advanced printing features - PCB and layout can be saved as GIF pictures - PCB can be save as 3DG file - Featured file manager with search engine, find and sort easily your PCB files - You can include comments and extra data in a PCB file - Automatic web page generation to publish your PCB - Support both French and English language, ability to change language during program execution - A free software is available to translate CiDess in any language, even if you don't have programming skills - CiDess is open software, sources and files format description in the coders section of this web site - 100% free - Can run on a 60 MHz Pentium with 16 Mo under Windows 95 - (as the old computer in your workroom) CiDess interests you? Go to http://cidess.ifrance.com On the web site you can also view the manual (with a lot of samples and screenshots) If you have any trouble with CiDess, please contact me http://cidess.ifrance.com/contact-gb.html As a French man I'm not fluent in English, so if you find mistakes in the web site or in the program itself, please contact me. Mirror site without adds (not yet available) http://cidess.free.fr. Have fun. PS : As English is a foreign language for me, please avoid messages wrotten in "SMS" or "4Ck3R5 l33t" style that I don't understand anything AT ALL :-)
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