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  1. Hey.. Can anyone suggest a beginner level Fiber Optics project ???? Thanking you in advance ....
  2. hi... thanks a lot ... it cleared a lot of things.... i found this application note in the dac 0808 datasheet... but i guess this schematic is for unipolar operation... can i convert it to a bipolar operation circuit by giving a reference voltage to the non-inverting terminal of the op-amp??
  3. ya. this is a digital 2 analog.. i wanted to know what the two pins that i've highlighted mean..
  4. hi.. i'm using DAC 0808 for the first time.. and i couldnt figure out the pins Cc and Vlc in the following schematic.... pls help me out.. sorry if i've posted this in wrong thread.. couldnt figure out the right one..
  5. hey.. guys can anyone of you plz help me how i can download a library file containing thermistors for PSpice.. and also provide info on how to install the file.. Thanks a lot in advance...
  6. hey.. guys can ya tel me from where i can download sprint-layout for free.. And it would be great if you can guide me on how to program sprites into my ucontroller...
  7. ;D Yup thanx a lot mike.. i really appreciate it !!! Thats exactly what i'm looking for.. Thanks again.. I'll have to read about sprites and all.. though you gave a very good overview.. Atleast got a lead from where to start.. Thanks a lot ...
  8. And no i cannot use a DSO...
  9. Sorry again !! :P I've to display the game on the CRO.. I'm sorry if i confused it with interfacing.. thought it to be the same thing.. but i guess its different.. :'( So.. know i've to display the game on the CRO.. and as you might have already guessed i'm totally new in this field.. The specification of the CRO is: 30 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Model No. 3706 C, Aplab I found some literature on the net, which gave me some clue that i can display the game on the CRO as a composite video signal (like in TVs)..
  10. oops.. sorry guys.. let me elaborate.. My problem statement is to display a game on our commom lab CRO (30 MHz) using a microcontroller... I'm plannin to use PIC.. though i' haven't yet decided which one.. I read somewhere on the net that i can use a composite video signal similar to the ones which is used in TV.. So.. can ya guys throw some light !!!
  11. Guys... How do we interface a PIC to a 30 - MHz CRO ?? Plz .. plz.. help
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