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  1. I have a project to develope an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning fruits,vegetables,dishes and so on. But I have no idea about this. Could anyone help me on this? A theory and schematic diagram will be a great help for me.
  2. Thanks to everybody read this article. I need a help to find out a schematic diagram for electroneuro stimulator that use low frequenciy rectangular pulse ranged from several hertz to hundreds hertz. Is there anyone who give me a help on this?
  3. Dear Shahriar; I agree with your opinion, you are seemed to ask the questions and answer for that
  4. It seems not good idea to use PMP for the monitor and another screen on the gauge cluster. It is too complex. It seems to be more simple to mount the PMP proper place and input the video signal from camera directly to it. Or,if you just want more room in your car, consider ceiling type monitor. You can easily find out ceiling type monitor in your market. I think 2 or 3" monitor is just produced for mobile application as for the phone ,PDA or PMP. phil7
  5. I think it is not easy to find out QVGA display module in the market compare to 5.6~7" VGA display module. You'd better to get 5.6~7" monitor which is common in the market and install on the dashboard. Most of those monitors can accept NTSC/PAL composite video signal and also output of the rear view camera is compatible to NTSC/PAL composite video signal. You just connect the signal from the CCD camera to the monitor through the 75 ohms cable. And if you want to switch two camera into the only one monitor, use video selector which has two input and one output. If your car has a navigation monitor already, then just try it. But in this case, you have to use SCAN CONVERTER since the navigation monitor has different video format from the common monitor for TV.
  6. Thanks audioguru. I think your comment is very helpful for me ,thanks again.
  7. I found the schematic for the cuckoo sound generator at the electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/011. But,when I check the schematic diagram, I found the collecotr of the Q1 was just opend and floated. Did anybody check this circuit? Is it O.K?
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