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  1. Thanks for posting. I've been trawling google and am compiling my "own" schematic. You've helped a lot with the transformer ratings! P ps. I'll post later when I've finished
  2. Cool, Can I use one of those transformers in series? Like: 2x115V/2x15V How would I connect it to the mains (230V) supply?
  3. Hi, Would be great if you had a page with all the types of casing with pictures on them. eg: to-92, to-920 etc.etc. This would help a lot! P
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply! For the rectifier as it's 28V DC output, I can use a 50V 2A one right? Also, is it easy to use another transformer value? I'm having trouble finding 220/28V, but I see lots of 220/24... Would it mean changing a lot of values for caps etc? The transformer should handle 2A too right? So 28*2=56VA min? Sorry if I'm mixed up! P.S: BTW, does the regulator generate a lot of heat? The TO-3 package would be good on a heatsink, but only if it actually generates heat... P
  5. Hi, Great looking site! I have a few q's for this project: -Which of the following should I get? + 1.2 V to + 37 V NSC 8 / SOIC (Small outline IC) LM317LM + 1.2 V to + 37 V NSC 3 / TO-92 LM317LZ + 2 V to + 37 V ON 8 / LDO (IND TEMP) LM317LD -What kind of transformer am I looking for (I've never done this sort of thing before) Encapsulated? -What kind of bridge should I get? A parts list would be a good addition to the project entry! Also, I'll be ordering over the internet from somewhere like www.farnell.com, so links to suitable parts would be great. How about casing? Thanks! Project Link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/010/index.html P
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