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  1. yes i placed the new batteries, and i think i m using very small 2 legged microphone so it must be wut u were mentioning , i just picked it from the vendor, the voltages at 386 opamps is fine, but when it reach the tl072 it turns -ve , idont know y it is happening but i connected the TL072 through LM386, i m not getting n e output voice.
  2. hi again. Audioguru thanx for ur patience n help, i have able to get some noise . but it is not the input i think which i m getting , LED is now off, but some times it turns on n at that time i m not able to get n e thing apart from clicks, so n e thing further that i can do??
  3. thanx for replying, i try to trouble shoot the circuit , i subtituted the electret mic with normal amplifier condensor , as it was not available, is n e other alternative possible for mic. ???????
  4. to audioguru i need a help regarding E-sthetho 2 circuit , i have fixed the circuit on vero board but when i turn on the circuit all iget is just a CLICK and nothing else after certain period of time , led keeps on for some time and then blink, plz help me , wut mught be the problem?
  5. u r saying that just connect the ground to n e metal or specifically a metal box. ::)
  6. to audioguru does the electronic stethoscope 2 circuit works fine on bread board bcoz i dont have time to fix it on vero board, so plz reply quickly as possible.
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