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  1. In medical type devices is oftenly used military-grade components too, ask your local component distributor. Here in Finland is quite easy to get military components. most semiconductor types would be more precise.
  2. If you are wealty, then call your local TXH contact person.
  3. I've noticed that RS components sells such lpt-usb dongle that supports all the possible tasks. It's bidirectional, does standard baud rates and of course: can print too.
  4. Many manufacturers have gone to a compromise with their designs ages ago with themselfs for compatibility... All the chips can't be the same for design broblems, etc...
  5. In my really old but trusted Gould OS300 scope, i have only 800hz but sharp probe calibration signal. But still measured with Finnair avionics super accurate voltage and sweep calibrators, even my old scope were below 0.5% tolerances :D
  6. You're way off, basic principle is ok. But... It needs at least a AC'97 compatible codec and few more digital filter/sampling/converter IC's to get at least acceptable sound quality.
  7. But even black reflects IR, and even in visible spectrum if it has enough intensity.
  8. Well, Laptop batteries and such are quite tricky to rebuild if U don't have the "know-how". Many batterypacks have inbuilt serial eeprom that has to be reseted or otherwise inbuilt fuel-gauge won't work properly.
  9. And be sure that your speed controller can stand twice that "shot-circuit" current when testing. PWM is tricky in some situations.
  10. You just might to need to reset your batterypack serial eeprom with some tools found from web. i don't want just right now try searching for your battery, but it seems to be easy to locate your default code for particulate memory
  11. Most of them is supplying composite video and modern versions outputs nicam or A2 audio carrier, but then it gets more complicated because many of them uses different protocols of tuning: analog, I2C, or many variations of digital serial lines. analog mono signals are mostly analog voltage tuneable and datasheets are quite easy to get.
  12. We gone crazy and used a 21" sony trinitron monitor with touchscreen and my friend wrote the software ;D
  13. I just tested my old 350W ATX power supply made by Antec, and ifound that it needs load of 2A@3,3v, 1A@5v and 500mA@12v to regulate properly.
  14. cable connection could be discovered by checking datasheets of those 2 ic's, but sofware is a whole different matter... It may be illegal to use this programmer in many situations, eg. copying de-scrambler cards. various software can be found from the web. try searching smartcard programming software. i'll try to get more info soon.
  15. i've done that kind of device wich is built from simple AM transmitter/receiver pair and used simple pulse relay in it. details coming later...
  16. need a better picture, or markings on top of components.
  17. try changin diodes to superfast types. for example: UF4007, MUR1100 or similar.
  18. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/006/index.html TDA1554: full data sheet: http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/datasheets/TDA1554Q_CNV_2.pdf TDA 1558 might be better...
  19. Check this :P http://www.wickedgadgets.com/html/wristwatch.html
  20. this schem. works great, i got samples from maxim few years ago, and it's been working non-stop since :) might be noisy in audio apps. if output caps aren't low ESR.
  21. well... i thik that the real broblem isn't noise, but too long pulse period... seeing schematics would help.
  22. I think that you have too high VA rating in your transformer... I used 230 -> 9 Vac 0.8VA transformer in my version. And be sure that your transformer is connected right. ie. secondary connected between emitter of Q2 and ground.
  23. How about both? Bridged and single ended, wich one you want to by mono switch.
  24. Has anyone bumped into amplifier that is built from 2 LM 3886 Power amp IC's and can be Bridged? I'm making schematics and PCB (again) because old version got lost... actually i'm gonna make even that double (4ch. amp. 2ch. Bridged) :P Is there need for such amp for anyone? i'll put project online if someone is interested, or isn't found already from web.
  25. I still use good old C-64 for gaming... (i hate those buggy emulators) and i still have few original games that can't be found from internet ;D
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