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  1. Bravo Sasi, :-* What a long post, I'll call you Dr. Sasi :D :D
  2. MP, Can you ask Sasi, to explain some more details of this project. :)
  3. Audioguru, In my knowledge it was philips introduce (1994) it with internal transistors :)
  4. :o early version got nothing to claim, and the latest author got ISBN no. Did any one specifyed any COURTESY to some one in those books? Nura, you are telling you are a manufacturer of Inverters, using the technical part of these books. Did you printed any COURTESY note on your product ? Can you give me a distinction between a Manufacturer and a Duplicator? ::) My COURTESY to Philips they made and discontinued such a fentastic IC- SG3524
  5. What a strange..... :o according to me, the book nura is specifying is a perfect of another book published by BPB in India. ISBN 81-7656-835-X. The book published in 2003. (Photo attached) I joined in the discussion only because of by seeing the similarity and colour of the scanned image of printed book by nura. Nura, try to get the ISBN.
  6. I just gon through the postings, but did sasi claimed it as his invension? ???
  7. NURA, can you tell me the year of that book's first edition happened ? :)
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