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  1. Just one more question...What`s the function of R2 and C2?
  2. If it will be stable to about 24 volts,than i am happy. ;D I almost never need voltages higher than this,so it is not important to me. I am using this partlist: Do i need to change something,since my transformer output voltage is to low?Or is this partlist ok for stable 0-24V and about 2-3 amperes? Thanks for the zener suggestion,i will change it if i can find some around here. :D Thank you very much for your answers. 8)
  3. Hello. I am building this project and have some questions. -i have 26VAC/150VA transformer?Is this ok?I think i will never use the psu at it`s limits... -can i change TIP31A with BD241C? -my R7 is 0,47E/9W.Is this ok? -C1 will be 10,000uF/50V -op-s will be OPA445 -bridge rectifier is 35A,type that fixes on the heatsink -should i use 2 or 3 2N3055`s Is there anything else that i should be aware of? Thanks in advance,BigPoppa
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