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  1. Thanks for the input. A 12V car battery would be WAY to big for the robot that I am building. Do you have any other sugestions?
  2. I am in the design phase of a Robot project and am researcing the power supply aspect of the project. I am planning to use a PIC16F877 for the brain of a very simple robot that will have two DC Motors (5v Max) and a couple of distance sensors to detect the edge of a table. So I am thinking that I would ave a couple of 9V batteries in series and run that thru a 5v regulator. So the question is first Will the batteries last longer if i wire them in series like that or would it be better to wire them in parallel? I am very new to electronics so if anyone could explain why one way would be better than the other that would be great. Thanks David M.
  3. Hello, I have a question that i hope that someone here can help me with. I am working through this tutorial http://www.play-hookey.com/digital/experiments/dl_or2.html on OR gate with diodes and the accompaning tutorial on AND gate the OR gate looks like this[br] [br] I can understand what is going on here, seeing the diode direction. The AND gate looks like this [br] [br]This one I don't understand it seems that if you just press one of the buttons that current would go through to the output. After staring at this thing for a while I realized that the diodes where going in the opposite direction from the ones in the OR gate. Could someone tell me if I am right about the diode direction and what is actually happening here. Hopefully I am making sense here, if not let me know. :)
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