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  1. Have any of you used an Extech Multimeter before? I'm thinking of getting this one: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104750&cp=2032058.2032235.2032305&parentPage=family However, I'm new to electronics and I am wondering if this multimeter is worth it and if it will last- like when I get into the more complicated stuff, does it have functions that I would probably need. Are there any other better ones that I could get for about the same price? Thanks, Joe
  2. Here is something that I want to tryhttp://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/Circuits/Alarm/walarm.htm Instead of having it make a sound, i'd rather replace the speaker with an led... Thanks
  3. Will a water level indicator work with anything other than water. What I want to do is build a circuit that will give me a good idea of how much grain is in some feed bins that you would find on a farm. I'm tired of climbing up them to check how much grain is in them and thought I might give this a try. I'm also new to electronics...Thanks.
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