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  1. lookes like i have to do more research on these transformers -
    the reason i could not fit an iron core transformer (the normal size ones) is that i have a very restrictive area, can not  fit much more than wires, the fan and led have cutouts in the frame, would not look nice or professional if it had a transformer hanging out....

  2. hmm, i have another question, see if youv'e come across this. the 22 k in the drwing is like 20 resistors in series, but number wise they add up to 22k but when i measure with a multimeter it says like 40k?!?
    I don't get it, do i have to use smaller value resistors to get 22k?

    (what i mean is.... paper value is 22k reality value is closer to 40k? why is this... you think i took to long to soder them? because they are surface mount resistors.)

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