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  1. I still may have some documentation around on the 80/10B Sytem that it was in. I think the book is pictured in one of the pics I posted at that link. I will look around and post again. Thanks for the reply. Also may have some more data sheets around also.
  2. You make a very good point MP. Shop around or find something that outputs gerber files. We used them for prototypes like test boards and stuff we needed that was not going to sold or whatever. So use the ole brain matter and go with what's best for you. See ya........ Cheers!!!!
  3. What is your limit on cost? I have a fairly good one but it's worth a few bucks, I also have some friends with some older stuff, not sure if they got rid of it yet. John
  4. You're right in that sense but their prices are very reasonable, and the turn around is good.
  5. First of all I would like to compliment the webmaster on this site, it's done very well and looks real good. Good luck with it. How about a for sale forum, or free for the taking or all in one for that stuff. I have alot of stuff that's old and new and it's mostly micirprocessor related to sell. Also have alot of ALTERA parts EPM5128JC's and erasable CYPRESS 22v10-15's, logic chips, 8032,8051(window version) resistors,caps,switches etc. I can go on all day. Test equipment etc. I'm going to hit ebay with the stuff soon. If anyone is interested leave a message for me here and I'll try to compile a list for ya's. See ya. John ;D PS: I have this on EBAY right now.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3804759950
  6. http://www.hobid.com/ (bid, buy, and sell electronic parts) http://www.usbid.com/ ( obsolete and hard to find parts) see ya. And this one.... They have "free" schematic capture software that is downloadable and layout etc and net list generator.... http://www.pcbexpress.com/ pc boards
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