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  1. Its whole dimensions are 225mm wide by 170mm height by125mm depth.
  2. Thanks audioguru,well the heatsinks i made them from a piece of anuminium plate i got from a tool maker and cutted it 135mm by 135mm its thickness is 10mm,then inserted a 2n3055 in a piece of cardboard and cutted its outline with a scissors which i used as a jig to draw the transistors on the heat sinks.then i drilled the mounting h ;Doles and connection holes with a 4.5mm drill the transformer i got it from an old plating equipment i found in a factory skip and was rated 615va.it works quite well all i had to modify in the circuit was that i installed a 7812 voltage regulator on the control board to keep stable voltage and instead of a resistor for the frequency resistor i used a pot for fine tuning of frequency.it is a litle heavy as a unit but i use it to powerr up my garage as there is no electricity where it is and made o box with abatery and a charger that i charge at home and connect it to the unit at the garage.next thing i want to add is a solar battery and a charge regulator and that would become a solar powerstation!
  3. HI to all,i have build the 500w inverter and works perfectly i tested it to see its maximum capability and deliivered almost 700w from it,also if you need it more powerful dont use 2N3055 transistors but use 2N5886 as you gain about 40% more power on the whole,i took some pictures of the inverter and is posted on my website of stages in construction and how i designed the heatsinks as the sides,take a look at it on this adress: http://inverter500.blogspot.com/ if you need help in construction im here to help.
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