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  1. I'l try that siniwave test that you described audioguru and the tweeter is real I tested it by audio singnal fron my test source.
  2. If it helps, here is two pics of the element.
  3. Resently I found an 100w car speaker element. I'm planing to build a subwoofer/mid-range speaker for my computer. But I need a datasheet for it to optimise the size of the box for it. __________ / \ Here is a "pic" of the back of the element. / cs-xg638 \ / 3-way coaxial \ i 10oz strontium i i HHC/PRO 100W i i Cone i \ JVC /
  4. Yea .. that is probably true maybe. Maybe I'll just order them in smaller quantities.
  5. wtf? I ordered some DAC's and some misc. parts from TI. And I recived this: Dear xxxx xxxxxxxx, Thank you for recently requesting semiconductor device samples from Texas Instruments. This email confirms receipt of your request. The status of each device requested is indicated below: Part Number Qty Status PCM1753DBQ 5 5 items cancelled on 10/16/2005 PCM1770PW 5 5 items cancelled on 10/16/2005 PCM4104PFBT 5 5 items cancelled on 10/16/2005 PGA4311UA 5 5 items cancelled on 10/16/2005 RC4560IP
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