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  1. dear all i have a project about build a micro controller based speech acquisition and play back circuit the system should be able to store at least 5 sec of speech i want to ask about what micro controller can i use and which code may be wrote to programm it and how can i interface it with SRAM ,ADCand DAC AND I WANT ADCwith 44nsec convesion time i 'll be so greatful if any one reply me i have alot of ques let it stay until any one reply thanks sarah
  2. hi anybody now about simulation pls help me in top spice or other program i want to make simulation for AB power amplifier pls any one help me thanks
  3. hi if no one want to help me can only give me a site or any thing can help me in this topic i'll be greatful if anybody reply only thanks bye
  4. hi everbody pls anyone know about simulation by orcad or any progame help me i'll give him or her details about me report by email thanks i hope to hear from you soon bye
  5. hi everbody i have a report about class A, AB,B POWER AMPLIFIER and i want to simulat it by any program can any one help me in it if anybody love to help me i'll send it the detail of the report by email i want from him to help me in something on it and how to orgnize it i'm student in first year of communcation and electronic dept i love to hear from anyone see you later bye and have a nice time
  6. hi how is everybody can any one help me in an electronic repor about simualtion common emitter amplifier circuit if someone help me i'll be greatful and i can send details about circuit to him by email saso
  7. hi i'm student in engineering in electronic and communcation departement i have areport in simulation of the frequency response of common emitter amplifier and i want some one to help me in it i have a topspiec programm and PCB123 i'll be greatful i f someone replay soon and help me in this report bye
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