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  1. What is the part number you are using? It should give an example in the datasheet. They should give the colors of the pins inside the connector and where you wire them.
  2. For a simple smoke detector you could use an MC14467 ic. Look at page five in this datasheet and it gives you a pretty simple circuit schematic; just a few external components and a piezo alarm. (The chip costs like $1.50 at digikey.com) Datasheet: http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/Motorola/Web%20Data/MC14467-1.pdf
  3. Does anyone have an idea how to make the AD667JN Digital to Analog converter simply convert data? I really need help on this one. I built a schematic from their datasheet, but the datasheet isn't a great source for information on the parallel output function of the AD667JN. If it helps, I am interfacing it with a 68HC11 microcontroller. ANY IDEAS AT ALL WILL HELP!!! POST AT WILL!!! Thanks!
  4. What device are you using for the controller? (i.e. what register are you supposed to store it in?)
  5. I actually already discovered basically what you said above. Thank you for the response though!
  6. Does anyone know how to make a voltage controlled filter? I am making a guitar effect called the auto-wah which in theory uses an envelope follower to supply the voltage to a VCF [(Voltage Controlled Filter) bandpass/lowpass/highpass filter]. The filter will change it's cutoff frequency or Q due to the change in voltage from the envelope follower which in turn gets it's voltage from the guitar signal. Every guitar note will give a different sound, seeing as the envelope of every note is different. The only piece I need to finish this thing is how to control the filter with a voltage. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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