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  1. Hi Audioguru, Ante ! Thanks for your notes. My project was updated before I have read your advice, so I couldn't mention nessesary of regulator heatsink and the contest have already finished. :( I think it is not frequent occurrance using of digitalis camera with PSU and battery charging simultaneously, but it can occur. Therfore I applied pot and ammeter because I charge not only NiMH batteries but older NiCd bat., too with lower charging current.
  2. I thank Audioguru for his notes. I very sorry but I missed circuit. I forget to draw a wire between 100 pot. - diode connect and GND of 7905. I'll modify my project for electronics-lab, too. I agree with Audioguru. In his opinion sec. voltage of transformer (9V) too low for four batteries. He's right, however I still charge simultaneously only 2 batteries. So it was enough. I didn't think and didn't calculate this 9V is little. I think more voltage (15V) won't be bed besause cooling is soluble and before charging I descharge batteries until about 1V, so shouldn't be overcharging during given c
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