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  1. hi there! pls send me d handbook...I will be very grateful. Thanks! Here's my email address: [email protected] :D
  2. hello everyone! i need to search for any pbx/pabx projects in the web, but i could hardly find any...i need ur help, pls help me find web links to projects that i can try...thanks. :D
  3. Thanks audio guru! this is a great help. :D
  4. good day 2 everyone out there...i need help. I couldn't find very good articles about audio gain control. pls give sites that are helpful. thanks a lot.
  5. thanks! :D I would be very appreciative of anybody who can give me links to tutorials explaining this... thanks again.
  6. wow! :D i get it now. thanks a lot!
  7. hello everyone! I want to ask somebody out there to shed light on my questions: Why is it that landline telephone accepts -48Vdc? Why is it
  8. hi there! I just want to ask every1 in this community if do you have any idea why is there a phase inversion of signals in common emitter amplifier configuration? I would be very much glad if u could give links to some tutorials regarding this. Thanks. God bless.
  9. thanks for all of you guys who posted ur opinions concerning my problem. Can i ask another favor? Please provide me some links to pages where i can get mcu-based automatic gain control. This will be a very great help on my project. Thanks. God bless.
  10. thank you audioguru, u r such a great help. ;D
  11. can anyone provide me with a schematic diagram of an automatic gain control circuit. thanks... ;D
  12. Good day! Ok. The one that employs cd4066. God bless! ;D
  13. Good day! I am having a hard time computing the gain of the resistor-switch network of a digital volume control published in electronics-lab.com. The author is unknown. Can anyone shed light on this?
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