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  1. I've made a spice netlist of a circuit I am designing. The input to the circuit is an AC signal --> v1 1 0 dc 0 sin(0 34 60). Well I can do a transient analysis on this easily. But I also want to see what happens at the output as I vary the frequency. Unfortunately using .AC simply doesnt work. I suspect that I defined my signal source incorrectly to be used with .AC.

    Please help.


  2. Hello Bassanova,

    I dont believe that multisim is used extensively in industry. For such purposes I believe they use OrCAD. You can request trial versions from:
    OrCAD has something called PSIPCE, you design your circuits in orcad capture and simulate them with PSPICE. I prefer orcad to multisim because it provides more in depth analysis technique. But of course with increased functionality, comes complexity.

    I use the original spice and make all my circuits by using netlists. It takes extra time, but it is well spent.

  3. Hey all,

    I've found a applet for circuits simulations. This isnt your everyday circuit simulator. With this one you can build your own circuits and simulate, but when the simulation starts, it shows how the current and voltage interact in the circuit. It also has the ability to show voltage, current, power, etc across components. There is also a huge library pre-built ciruits for you to learn from. I know that some teachers would kill to have this to help learning easier.


    More applets can be found at my site in the links section.



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