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  1. bluetooth in a modem? you can may use your bluttoth as modem, though...
  2. this is to avoid cathodic effect, that is -48volts with respect to ground...
  3. @ kumaran, any update of your OU project?
  4. hi to all, c ould anyone share me a link in making an efficient transformer, i will be using it for my inverter, my specs are 220vac output @ 1.5Kw from 12 or 24vdc input.. thanks....
  5. ante, thanks for the info sir, but what i am interested about is the conventional type of wind turbine. the ones that lies horizontally... i have several design of these thing but i cant perfect the mecahnical and the electric transmission from the generator to the load..
  6. hi to all, i am newbie here. and i have one question about the topic. how about the mechanical part of the wind turbine? is it also moving? in order to keep the propeler blades faces the wind direction? somebody?
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